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Here I am, back at ‘A Page from Seerah’ alhamdulillah. About 2 months back I attended a very beautiful class of seerah. The thought of it still brings a warm glowy feeling in my heart. :D

Titled ‘Hulya Mubarak’, or the physical appearance of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., I got to know about lots of tiny details about him that I never knew before.

InshaAllah I’ll be sharing each attribute one by one in the upcoming posts. Read the first one below.
(I will only be sharing whatever I could note down. However, if you want to know about it in detail you can listen to the whole lecture here).


It is said about Nabi s.a.w that He was the most beautiful of all people.


No woman has ever given birth to such a child. He was completely flawless.

All posts in this series:

Face of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Hair & Head of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Build of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Fragrance of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Gait of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Speech of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Nature of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Habits of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!

Hajrah. :)


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