Light Up Your Life With Islam


Assalam u ‘Alaikum!

This blog is a simple effort in the hope that lives will light up and take a turn for the better, like mine did through the Word of Allah! InshaAllah! :)
And of course, the posts I’ll be writing or sharing will be first a reminder to my own self.

Why I made this blog? Well maybe, just because I thought there should be more Muslims around here, trying to do something good!

P.S. I have a dream…! :P

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Wassalam. :)


Comments on: "About" (11)

  1. Assalamu Alaikum.
    Masha’Allah, a nice work with a noble intention.
    May Allah make all your good dreams come true. Aameen.
    Though of place though, i would request you to visit these blogs:

    Jazakillah Khayr, and keep up the hardwork :)


  2. Walaykumasalam wrwb,
    Its always great running into more Muslim blogs, let us grow and grow until every Islamic search entered in Google, brings up a nice, authentic Muslim’s blog, instead of the filth posted against Islam.

    take care sis


  3. Masha Allah very nice BLOG, design is beautiful and currently reading content. We are developing an online islamic studies portal in both english and urdu and will in sha Allah share once complete.


  4. Fabulous blog you have here, mashaAllah!


  5. Well I’m glad you thought like that and made the effort to do something about it!


  6. Nice Work


  7. “An invitation Towards Islam”

    ( )

    Join our Page and Seek the Truth. JazakALLAH


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