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What Bothers Me?


While cleaning the cupboards, I came across this poem written by my mother and brother for a school competition of mine, years ago. Just thought I’d share it here. :)
Unfortunately, we’re still in the same situation.


What bothers me is the…
Helplessness of the millions of people of Iraq,
Blood of the innocent,
Pain of the injured,
Collapse of a nation.

What bothers me are the…
Scattered bodies of the dead,
Cries of the children,
Explosions of the bombs,
Clouds of smoke,
Shattered homes.

What bothers me is…
War in the name of terrorism,
Occupation in the name of freedom,
Anarchy in the name of discipline,
Foe in the name of friend,
Destruction in the name of reconstruction,
Oil searching in the name of weapon searching,
Dictation in the name of democracy,
Misery in the name of aid.

What bothers me is…
Terror in place of peace,
Oppression in place of justice,
Hatred in place of love,
Frustration in place of tranquility,
Sadness in place of happiness,
Mourning in place of laughter,
Darkness in place of light,
Hunger in place of satiety,
Looting in place of security,
Propaganda in place of facts.

What bothers me are the…
Graves in place of gardens,
Dead in place of living,
Weapons in place of flowers,
Ruins in place of schools,
Tears in place of smiles.

What bothers me is the…
Fall of historic cities of Baghdad and Basra,
Irreparable loss of property and life,
Huge wastage of natural resources,
Uncertainty of the future of humanity.

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