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O Followers of Islam!


I picked up my pen and put it down yet again. The thought had passed by in its raw form, not lingering long enough to be captured and put into words…
This happened to me many times in the past few months and I felt sad. Had my writing power been taken away? The satisfaction that I used to feel after putting my thoughts into words was no longer there. Was I uninspired forever? Sometimes I craved for inspiration to write, as writing my reflections helps me connect with my own self, but that connection seemed faded in the background, buried somewhere under the plethora of routine tasks.

As I was busy in my selfish musings related to my personal satisfaction, I came across an article or two that made me come out of my own shell. The authors of those articles were obviously lost in the sea of ignorance yet believed themselves to be steering and leading others in the right direction.
I said to myself, “Won’t I be held accountable for not conveying the limited knowledge that I have through whatever means I could? Isn’t the message of my Creator, of telling people why they need to obey Him and how they can obey Him good enough to write about? Isn’t it time that we defeated our own hesitations and procrastinations and stop waiting for the perfect opportunity to convey what we know?”


Let’s wake up, really! Those people out there are moving towards a terrible ending and it is up to us to stop them. We keep waiting for the right time, for our skills to be polished, for a little more free time before we call others to the Truth. But if someone was going to run into the fire, would you really wait for the right words and the perfect environment to tell them there’s fire ahead? No! You’d scream and try to grab them and tell them in every possible way you could that “don’t go there, there’s a fire, you’d burn yourself”. You would really want to save that person. And that sincerity would emanate from your eyes and expression more than your words which would be jumbled up due to the urgency anyway. And that person would definitely stop and give your message a thought. And that is pretty much what you were actually supposed to do: make him reflect. Mission successful!

That is all we need to do. All sorts of -isms and -schisms are seeping into our societies today, concepts are getting distorted, beliefs are getting weirder by the day. The so-called ‘intellectualism’ is eating the hearts and minds of our people like termite and yet we’re waiting for dunno what?!
This is the time to do dawah. Call people to the Truth in whatever shape or form you can. Call your family, your friends, people you meet randomly. Tell them about Allah. Make them see how beautiful is this deen and how corrupted are other ways of life. They’re disillusioned. They think it’s okay to have the easy way out but they don’t know there isn’t one, only difficulty in the right direction will have its reward. Don’t let them go towards the terrible end.

Look at how the prophets and their companions desperately wanted to save people from the Fire. They propagated whatever they knew. They pitied those who didn’t know the reality.

Yes, do hone your skills, polish your talents but let passion take the lead! Let sincerity be your light!

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