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In the Hospital…


I was with a sick friend in the hospital’s emergency. As she got stable, I felt my taut nerves easing a little. Coming to my senses, I analysed myself. I had gone through a physical and psychological upheaval. I was shaken and my hands still trembled a bit. My surroundings materialized and I observed around. There were quite a number of people around me in the waiting room. I thought to myself, they must be here on account of some or other of their loved one being ill. They too must be hoping and praying with all their heart that their friends/relatives get well as soon as possible. I imagined all the ill people in the hospital and how much they would be suffering. As I made dua for them, there was a flash in my mind. These are sufferings of this world only, after all. These will end. What about the sufferings of the hereafter that await millions, who walk around healthy and happy. They don’t even know what’s in store. We’re worried sick about the hospitalized but what about those ignorant of their end? Who’s going to feel for them? Who’s going to tell them to save themselves? Who’s going to tell them to start worrying?

A visit to the hospital should be undertaken once in a while, just to look at the pain in there and compare it with the pain unimaginable.

May Allah protect us from the pain and suffering of both the worlds. Ameen.


Best Days are here


It’s been almost 2 months since Ramadan went away. It left us in excellent spirits. We had huge plans of doing great things. Our imaan was flying high.

And then only a week passed and we started getting low, a month passed and we were more low. And now it’s almost two months! And we’ve given it up or are about to. We think it’s hopeless now. Shaitan has got to us. Our Ramadan resolutions have failed. Nothing can be done now!

BUT Allah says wait! He loves us and does not want this to happen to us. He’s bringing for you an imaan and spirits booster right after two months. Just when you need it most.

You guessed it. The ten best days of the year are here. Time to get your imaan in shape and get an instant uplift. Re-embrace your Ramadan resolutions. Do the best!

Here’s a recipe on how to make best use of these best days, also you’ll get to know in this link what are these best days.
Read it here: Best Days, Best Deeds (First 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah)

H. :)

P.S. Keep checking your local newspaper to know when do these days start.

Other Side of Hollywood


I’ve heard people talking about the reason they watch movies. Because movies so relate to their life. They get to know others have the same problems.

Wow! These reasons really irk me. Ask why!

It’s just so illogical. What would you get by knowing that others have the same story? Would your problems evaporate by knowing it? And you would probably never get the hottest hero or heroine that showed up in that film so you must as well feel pleasure in wallowing in misery over your oh-so-boring commonplace partner or the one who doesn’t exist at all.

How do those glam celebrities spend their lives anyway? The most famous ones I’ve heard about are usually running back and forth to the rehab, are involved in some fickle relationship, take antidepressants all the time and end up dying by getting too much drunk in a disgraced state in a disgraced hotel suite.

Now instead of getting all excited because someone else suffers like you, would not it be better to have solutions to your problems?? Yes?

Look at the other side. Stories of the best people that walked on the face of this earth. The prophets. And their companions. Yes, they had problems too. Common life problems that we can relate to. But their stories give us solutions. They were successful for real.

How did they spend their lives? They dealt with their problems in the most wonderful ways, had romance and true friendship interwoven in their lives and they died such that angels covered their dead bodies and the skies cried over their departure and their names are written in gold in the hearts of people who know the truth when they see it. SubhanAllah. What a beautiful ending to a true story.

Take your pick.

Hajrah. :)

Heart Talks


From the preface of Fiqh ul Quloob, here’s something about how it was worked upon by its author.

وقد أمضيت أكثر من ربع قرن، وأتبعت الليل بالنهار، والوقت بعد الوقت، في جمع وتحصيل وتحرير ما بين يديك، وآثرت ذلك على جميع اللذات التي تميل إليها النفوس، وقيدت نفسي من أجله عن كثير من المناسبات، وجمعته واعتصرته من أكثر من ألف مرجع، وأطلت فيه فكري، وأتعبت نفسي، لينفع الله به من يشاء من عباده ممن يصل إليه

[Roughly translated:] And indeed I spent more than a quarter century, and I followed days with nights, and moments after moments, in collecting and obtaining and writing what is in your hands (i.e. this book), and I preferred this over most pleasures that people are inclined towards, and because of it I imprisoned myself  from lots of frolics (parties, weddings, functions), and I collected it and extracted it from more than a thousand…

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