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Other Side of Hollywood


I’ve heard people talking about the reason they watch movies. Because movies so relate to their life. They get to know others have the same problems.

Wow! These reasons really irk me. Ask why!

It’s just so illogical. What would you get by knowing that others have the same story? Would your problems evaporate by knowing it? And you would probably never get the hottest hero or heroine that showed up in that film so you must as well feel pleasure in wallowing in misery over your oh-so-boring commonplace partner or the one who doesn’t exist at all.

How do those glam celebrities spend their lives anyway? The most famous ones I’ve heard about are usually running back and forth to the rehab, are involved in some fickle relationship, take antidepressants all the time and end up dying by getting too much drunk in a disgraced state in a disgraced hotel suite.

Now instead of getting all excited because someone else suffers like you, would not it be better to have solutions to your problems?? Yes?

Look at the other side. Stories of the best people that walked on the face of this earth. The prophets. And their companions. Yes, they had problems too. Common life problems that we can relate to. But their stories give us solutions. They were successful for real.

How did they spend their lives? They dealt with their problems in the most wonderful ways, had romance and true friendship interwoven in their lives and they died such that angels covered their dead bodies and the skies cried over their departure and their names are written in gold in the hearts of people who know the truth when they see it. SubhanAllah. What a beautiful ending to a true story.

Take your pick.

Hajrah. :)

Comments on: "Other Side of Hollywood" (5)

  1. i`ll tell you an honest reason why people watch movies, and that is based on my own experience. – Actually work done to make a movie, the efforts and expertize they use, their budget, production, sound effects & animation is really admirable and honestly very captivating that if a man just sees one scene passing by. he is left with no choice but the see it the end.. these Hollywood people just try to take advantage of a man`s inbuilt fitrah, a man by nature wants to see himself or someone possessing extra-ordinary powers, and this we have superman, spider-man, X-man, Batman [ though everyone knows such things can never exist], but we by nature want to see action, and so forth.. .. but their hard work and organization is remarkable, they project everything in an extremely glittering and appealing way. I think this is how they make conqueror our minds.


  2. sadly in current time and date, we Muslims can`t make so nice movies on Islam, or Glorious past, because media falls into the hands of liberals, and secular people.. also we lack hardworking attitude and skills and budget. Ermm:) but i believe if anything is shown in good way, it becomes appealing, and attractive to adopt.


  3. Assalaamu alaikum sis,

    I love you for the sake of Allah!
    Such a potent analyse and wise advice!


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