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Best Days are here


It’s been almost 2 months since Ramadan went away. It left us in excellent spirits. We had huge plans of doing great things. Our imaan was flying high.

And then only a week passed and we started getting low, a month passed and we were more low. And now it’s almost two months! And we’ve given it up or are about to. We think it’s hopeless now. Shaitan has got to us. Our Ramadan resolutions have failed. Nothing can be done now!

BUT Allah says wait! He loves us and does not want this to happen to us. He’s bringing for you an imaan and spirits booster right after two months. Just when you need it most.

You guessed it. The ten best days of the year are here. Time to get your imaan in shape and get an instant uplift. Re-embrace your Ramadan resolutions. Do the best!

Here’s a recipe on how to make best use of these best days, also you’ll get to know in this link what are these best days.
Read it here: Best Days, Best Deeds (First 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah)

H. :)

P.S. Keep checking your local newspaper to know when do these days start.

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