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In the Hospital…


I was with a sick friend in the hospital’s emergency. As she got stable, I felt my taut nerves easing a little. Coming to my senses, I analysed myself. I had gone through a physical and psychological upheaval. I was shaken and my hands still trembled a bit. My surroundings materialized and I observed around. There were quite a number of people around me in the waiting room. I thought to myself, they must be here on account of some or other of their loved one being ill. They too must be hoping and praying with all their heart that their friends/relatives get well as soon as possible. I imagined all the ill people in the hospital and how much they would be suffering. As I made dua for them, there was a flash in my mind. These are sufferings of this world only, after all. These will end. What about the sufferings of the hereafter that await millions, who walk around healthy and happy. They don’t even know what’s in store. We’re worried sick about the hospitalized but what about those ignorant of their end? Who’s going to feel for them? Who’s going to tell them to save themselves? Who’s going to tell them to start worrying?

A visit to the hospital should be undertaken once in a while, just to look at the pain in there and compare it with the pain unimaginable.

May Allah protect us from the pain and suffering of both the worlds. Ameen.


Comments on: "In the Hospital…" (3)

  1. In hospitals, there are so serious patients, that in terms of relative measure our illness seems immaterial so such an extend that we forget our illness and doctors also take us easy & light.. and we realize, how health we all were.. the messenger of Allah ( may Peace be upon him) have said : ” There are two things about which the creation of Allah (i.e mankind) are deluded, Good health & spare time” ..

    and this is stands out very true! we realize how important health was once it`s taken away.


  2. and same is the case with here-after, in the end we all will regret, we have done more ; and so could have reached higher level paradise; saved friends and family and so forth


  3. subhanAllah.. Just yesterday I sent a text to all my contacts (well, almost all my contacts actually) on the same topic. That we can’t bear the momentary pain of this world, what about the fire whose fuel is men and stones?!
    “And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion?”


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