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Habits of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



People were not told to make way specially for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. He respected elders. He attended funerals. He sat amongst poor and needy. He did not say ‘fie’ to his servants.

He started things from the right side. When he was asked for something, he granted it. If he had nothing, he remained quiet. (We start giving justifications).

He used to accept gifts and gave them out himself as well. He gave the first fresh fruit to children. When people used to offer him the first fresh fruit, he gave them dua of barakah (increase) in their fruits.

(Prophet Muhammad s.a.w used to make dua of barakah more for Madinah than for Makkah. Allah’s treasures are vast. Ask Him).

He did miswak a lot. He even did miswak upon entering the house. He often oiled his hair.

After janabat (state of impurity) he used to perform wudhu (ablution) and go to sleep.

Sometimes he dried himself after wudhu, sometimes he did not. (It might depend on the situation. Like he might dry himself after wudhu in winters and not in summers. Islam is so natural).

He was punctual in acts of worship. He made dua of provisions for his family whenever needed.

While wearing or taking off clothes, he supplicated. He possessed a red cloak (and looked very beautiful in it). He is known to have worn a shawl dyed with ‘waas’ and ‘zaafran’.

He wore a silver ring. He applied surma in his eyes every night, thrice or once in each eye. He wore shoes with laces. He made ‘masah’ in black socks gifted to him by Najashi (ruler of Ethiopia).

He used to eat sitting on his knees. He licked his fingers after eating. He liked butter and gourd (kaddu). He never left anything for ‘tomorrow’. He did not criticize on the eating mat. If he liked something he ate it. If he did not, he used to leave it. All of them used to eat in one utensil.

His pillow was of leather. And it was filled with bark of date tree. He pillowed his head with his right hand while sleeping.

NOTE: This is the last post of ‘Pen Portrait of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’‘s series. (I feel sad about it). :(
Anyway, you are required to send peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad s.a.w whenever his name is mentioned. Sallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam.

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Nature of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Before you read on I have a request. Don’t just read through this post considering it full of only a bunch of adjectives. All the attributes mentioned here were really present in Prophet  Muhammad s.a.w. It is proved with references. And since we are supposed to follow him so pause at each attribute and think about it. And then whether you have it or not and how you could instill it in yourself. You could also take one now and say to yourself, ‘I’ll incorporate this one in me and then come back for the next one inshaAllah’. (I am planning on doing this, inshaAllah. Make dua for me). Do share your experiences. Read on! :D

Face of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had liveliness and cheerfulness about it. He had an ‘easy’ disposition and was not harsh. He never used to call out loudly in the market. He used to smile a lot. He barely ever got angry. (He only got angry at the right thing).

One of his distinguishing characteristics was willingness. Willingness here means to accept or conciliate. Acceptance is a very important quality, indeed!

When he had to choose between two things he took the easy one (provided of course, that both were equally halal or lawful).

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w stayed far away from sin. He was generous, brave and gracious (kareem). He was patient when afflicted with harm. He was dignified and modest.

If he disliked something, it showed (on his face). He s.a.w never stared.

What is our reaction if we dislike something? We become enraged. Instead of getting in a rage, try to think of humans as weak. They will repeat mistakes, just like we do.
A believer is like a mirror for  the other believer. Make the other person’s face right i.e. cheer him up. How? By giving a smile. If he does not return the smile, give it again. :)

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was just, pure of soul and chaste. He was truthful and trustworthy. He was also hospitable. He was far away from arrogance. And he was affectionate and merciful. He s.a.w had a frank conduct. He was very far away from indecent talk.

He smiled but never indulged in loud laughter. When he felt happy about something, his face shone like the moon. So you could tell it by his face. <3

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Speech of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



The voice of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was a little heavy. His way of talking was to the point and clear-cut. His speech was graceful. He used to complete whatever he had to say properly. He completed saying one whole thing at a time (did not leave whatever he was saying mid-way and start talking about something else or did not speak half-finished sentences).

While saying something he neither made it too long nor too short. He spoke clearly and separated his words properly. He neither mumbled nor spoke nasally.

(Remember if you are a da’ee or are working for deen, you should speak very clearly. Language and enunciation both are important).

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said about himself, “Ana afsah-ul-arab”.
Afsah is from fasahat and so when I looked up fasahat, I found that it means eloquence, fluency of speech and elegance of style.
Yes, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had all that!

He was gifted with comprehensiveness.

He stayed quiet usually and laughed less. He was also coherent in speech and he used to speak calmly.

His conversation (or words) could be counted. (Imagine that!)

When he talked of something important, he repeated it three times. Not after that.

While speaking he used to look up (and not down). (Maybe in intervals).

And this sure has an effect. According to research if you look up your mind is activated and if you look down your heart i.e. your emotions are activated. And Allah knows best! But we will be following this because it’s a sunnah not because it’s a research. :)

Even when we talk about ghaz-e-basr it does not necessarily mean to bow your head rather avert your gaze from the thing that you should not be seeing.

Beauty is in balance. Look at the person to make him feel as if he is being listened to.

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Gait of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w walked fast. He did not appear to be tired or lazy. The people walking with him used to feel exhausted because of his speed. It seemed as if the ground was folding under his feet when he walked. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did not feel anything, meaning his swift pace came to him naturally.

He lifted his whole foot and then put it back down whole as well. He did not drag his feet.

He did not stamp his feet while walking.
“The (true) servants of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth…” (Al-Furqan 63) 

He had a firm step and walked with a certain grip on the ground (i.e. in a very balanced manner). He walked as if he was climbing down a slope, firmly and a little bent. He did not look here and there rather he looked straight ahead (focused on the goal).

His companions walked in front of him, leaving his back for the angels.

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Fragrance of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



The body, limbs and perspiration of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was more perfumed than any perfume. Anas r.a said more than amber.

(Remember that whatever is inside our heart and soul, it emits from us in the form of our own special smell. We give out certain vibes and a specific feel. We should think about what is inside us and consequently what smell do we give out.
Also we should be conscious about physical cleanliness).

When Prophet Muhammad s.a.w passed through a path, the fragrance lingered. When he s.a.w shook hands with someone that person could smell Nabi s.a.w’s scent from his own hands the whole day. When he caressed the head of a kid, the kid would be recognized among others by the fragrance.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had mixed a lot of perfumes together in one container.

He never returned the gift of perfume.

Once he rinsed his mouth and threw the water in a well and the well started smelling of musk.
(This may seem like an exaggeration to the readers but it’s not because a lot of references are found for this. This might be Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s miracle).

If Prophet Muhammad s.a.w took odorous fumes, he took them of ‘oudh’ or sometimes mixed camphor in it.

He used to wear so much perfume that his hair shone because of it. He used perfume of the very best quality.

So yeah people! Wear perfume and always smell good. It’s a sunnah. =)

Note: Women are not allowed to wear perfume in the proximity of a non-mehram.

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Build of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s neck was long. He had big wrists. His palms and soles were wide. His hands were heavy and strong, not skinny. His hands remained cold and perfumed (naturally). He had broad shoulders and a broad chest. There was no hair on his chest, only on his shoulders and arms. And a line of hair went down to the navel. His back was white and armpits were slightly darker. He had the seal on (or near) his shoulder. That place was a little red and the flesh was a bit protruded. His stomach was straight without any protuberances. The soles of his feet were not much curved (flat-footed? So am I :p). His body was very pure and clean, free of any blemishes or scars. No silk or brocade was more soft than Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s body. <3

His height was balanced though it was on the taller side. He s.a.w was neither fat nor thin. He was just right, like a fresh and beautiful branch.

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Hair & Head of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s hair was naturally black (he did not use dyes). Only a few strands of hair were white like on the temple, chin and head. He did not have more than 20 white hairs. He used to wear perfume in his hair. Rabee’a said one of his hairs was red (due to perfume). His hair was slightly curly. He had a mid-parting and combed his hair regularly. He used water to comb his hair (of head and beard). His hair reached his ears or sometimes his shoulders. His head was large but in a balanced manner.

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Face of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s face was round like the sun or moon.

Abu Huraira R.A said his face was as if the sun was circling in it.

He had a shining complexion and was white.

His eyes were black with red lines in the white area. His mouth was wide. His eyelashes were thick and it seemed as if kohl/surma was applied in them.

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Pen Portrait of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!


Here I am, back at ‘A Page from Seerah’ alhamdulillah. About 2 months back I attended a very beautiful class of seerah. The thought of it still brings a warm glowy feeling in my heart. :D

Titled ‘Hulya Mubarak’, or the physical appearance of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., I got to know about lots of tiny details about him that I never knew before.

InshaAllah I’ll be sharing each attribute one by one in the upcoming posts. Read the first one below.
(I will only be sharing whatever I could note down. However, if you want to know about it in detail you can listen to the whole lecture here).


It is said about Nabi s.a.w that He was the most beautiful of all people.


No woman has ever given birth to such a child. He was completely flawless.

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