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Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s neck was long. He had big wrists. His palms and soles were wide. His hands were heavy and strong, not skinny. His hands remained cold and perfumed (naturally). He had broad shoulders and a broad chest. There was no hair on his chest, only on his shoulders and arms. And a line of hair went down to the navel. His back was white and armpits were slightly darker. He had the seal on (or near) his shoulder. That place was a little red and the flesh was a bit protruded. His stomach was straight without any protuberances. The soles of his feet were not much curved (flat-footed? So am I :p). His body was very pure and clean, free of any blemishes or scars. No silk or brocade was more soft than Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s body. <3

His height was balanced though it was on the taller side. He s.a.w was neither fat nor thin. He was just right, like a fresh and beautiful branch.

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Hajrah. :)

Comments on: "Build of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!" (5)

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  3. Samah Satti said:

    SubhanAllah! How beautiful he would be!! May Allah swt bless us with his exalted companionship on that day!


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