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These are the Winds of Change – Where are you going?


Alhamdulillah! All praise is to Allah s.w.t indeed, Who gave me the opportunity to attend SIST ’12 and be a part of Winds of Change!
There are no words to describe how it has gone so far. Words fail me! Everyone knows it’s amazing! :p

But what I really want to say is…. Hearts are yet soft. And soft hearts can be molded.
Brother Jamal Khattak put it beautifully at the end: “How many more talks would you hear before you decide to change yourself? What are you waiting for? Death?”

This shook me!
Usually what’s at the back of our mind when we’re getting all inspired by talks? Brother Hamza Tzortzis, brother Adnan Rashid, sister Sara Chaudhry…..all these people went through changes, had some experiences etc and they started living for Allah. But me? I’m young! (Well, they’re young too).
Okay, I want to change but it’s difficult. Oh well, I’ll change automatically anyway when I’ll go through some experience in life.  And there is where we go wrong, SNAP!

Allah s.w.t gives at least ONE chance to every human. A chance to recognize their Lord and turn back to Him. But that chance or moment of realization is different for everyone. Some people get to experience stuff themselves. Some might get the chance to listen to others and have an opportunity to learn from them and thus take a turn for the better. We’ve all been given the golden opportunity to listen to these amazing people and cry with their stories.

Before we get out of all these good feelings and forget about it and go back to our confused life again, we need  to do something now. You may forget this time (Allah forbid) and never get an opportunity again….. What would happen then? It’s unimaginable! Death awaits us right at the corner. Let’s not turn back, now that we’ve come this far.

We know now that we have to live our life according to Allah’s wishes. That Quran is His Word. It’s the only real thing in the world. Yes, Quran is the only real thing. Other than that nothing can change your heart absolutely. We need to open it, today. We need to make a connection with it. We need to understand it. If only for 5 minutes every day. Yes, those too who think they know it. This is the ONLY way to change our lives and Pakistan’s future for the better. This is guaranteed!

Wake up people! And help each other in good. Because WE are the winds of change! (InshaAllah).

If I brought my friends here and listened to everything and didn’t change anything about me then I wasted it. No use. If fear & love of Allah didn’t ignite in me, if I didn’t think of changing my bad company, if I didn’t become humble towards my parents, if I’m still not praying or praying on time with khushoo (requirement of namaz), if I’m still living for this lowly world then everything is wasted.

Let us begin with this dua. O Allah! Guide me to the straight path, the path that would take me toward You. Make it easy for me to please You. Make it easy for me to face the foul world.

He will listen. That is a promise. He will, inshaAllah. The key is to do it sincerely. :)

Because if not now, when? Period.

Hajrah. :)

P.S. Winds of Change is still on, alhamdulillah. Check the details here.

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