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Delusional Prospects


A few weeks ago I attended The News Education Conference 13. The bureaucrats and elite of the nation were the major participants. Policies and education plans of massive scale were argued and negotiated upon. Other than leaders of political parties and officials of government, professors and senior teachers of some of the best institutes of Pakistan were present there. Teachers; those people who prune and shape the youth and thus play a major part in the progress of nations.

After a panel discussion or two, there was lunch break. As that was the only break during the course of the conference, I headed towards the reception while everyone else went towards the dining hall. I asked them where the prayer hall was and finally found an usher who pointed the way. I went up the stairs and found myself in a deserted corridor. On the left was the prayer hall for women and on the right was the men’s. I went into the still more deserted prayer area. I was the only one there and I felt my heart sinking… I had a shrewd idea about the number of men in the men’s praying hall as the same corridor led to both praying areas.

This was the reality. This is the reality of our people, of Muslims today. We talk big, we give ideas as if we’re the most intelligent beings on earth, we think educating (secular education only) the masses is the only solution… My foot! Who’re we trying to fool, really? If we can’t even bow in front of the Creator five times a day then this ‘change’ will never come. Almost 700 times the invitation to prayer has been given in the Quran. Yet we ignore it and then we wonder what’s wrong with us.

Allah says in the Quran, “And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.” (Taha 124)

Aren’t we living depressed lives today? If we had heeded the Quran, we would have been compelled to pray. And these depressions and anxieties that are being talked about are for this life, whereas in the hereafter when the righteous will ask the criminals, “”What put you into Saqar (hellfire)?” They will say, “We were not of those who prayed,” (Al-Muddathir 42-43)

The only end that we’re heading towards as a nation, if this situation continues, is loss! “But there came after them successors who neglected prayer and pursued desires; so they are going to meet evil –” (Maryam 59)



*Disclaimer: This post in no way is intended to pinpoint a certain person/party/institute or segment of the society. 

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High School Teens – in a mess or taken amiss?


Ever looked in the eyes of young teenagers of high school in Pakistan? The kids who are just growing up, feeling the changes within them and around them. Looking here and there in a questioning way without getting any answers. Or do you just ignore them like a bunch of silly sheep bleating loudly?

Where are their parents? The most important characters in a person’s life. Do they help them get on? Sadly, no.
Parents don’t tell them anything. They think stuff is understood, or they don’t want to tell it to their children (not knowing that they know everything already the wrong way, since you didn’t tell the right way). They don’t understand that today kids need direct counseling. A one-to-one talk. With all the different kinds of mess outside, they’re confused. And no affectionate elder is there in the family to guide them. Or even to whom they can go and talk to. The only thing elders do is put restrictions on every possible thing so kids don’t fall into bad (the conservative parent) or they let them do everything so they don’t fall into good (the liberal parent). Someone seriously needs to counsel parents, and also tell them:
Let. Them. Do. Everything. Within. The. Boundaries. Of. Halal. And. Save. Them. From. Sin.
This is what the parents need to know. Or a good shaking is all they need.

Then there’s the school. What’s taught there? Just a bunch of subjects utterly useful for handling life. Some biological systems, a few chemical reactions, mathematical equations, formulas of physics, outdated English stories that bore you to death, Urdu poems of unfulfilled love, structure of computers, history of how Pakistan was stabbed here and there by various regimes, and the list goes on for other such subjects. Okay. These are good. But are these good enough?
No lessons on how to streamline your thinking, discover the Creator, handle your emotions, manage pressure and hormonal changes, discover your hidden talent and be given a purposeful direction? What if someone’s skill is maintaining a perfect routine? Or talking to others convincingly? Or creating wonders out of imagination? What’s in schools to dig out and enhance the natural skills unique to each being and let them pursue those with ease?

Look at the teachers. Or don’t. Most of them are not worth looking at (I don’t say all). My apologies for the bitter truth but that’s how it is. Teachers of high schools are not the best people of this society, unfortunately. The female teachers being interested only in fashion, gossip, shopping, bossing around and the male teachers being interested in flirting with the female teachers, cracking silly jokes and both of them teach to earn a little money or because they’re bored at home and just because they well, have to teach.
No improving of minds, no provision of inspiration or high ideals, no nothing. Just a bunch of silly people who if they do fill ideas in minds are only those ideas which would have been better if not shared at all.

The company and friends consequently is the worst imaginable. Kids fill their heads with romantic novels, films full of violence, hot gals, cool guys, porn on the internet, and silly jokes.

What is the solution? Who will bridge the communication gap? Talk and counsel them? Help them get a direction? Help them stop wasting the most precious years of their life?

The question is who?


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