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Secrets Of Salah – 2


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Since Allah tests His slave with desires and temptations, outward and inward, His infinite mercy and generosity also decrees that a beautiful, rich, and colorful banquet be prepared for His slave, comprising all kinds of delicacies, in addition to robes of honor and exquisite gifts. He invites all to this banquet five times daily, and He places in each delicacy of that magnificent banquet an individual taste, benefit, and dignity which cannot be found in any other delicacy. So the slave, who has been invited to this banquet, may fully savor the delight of each delicacy of that banquet of devotion and Allah may honor him in every conceivable way.

Each stage of this deed of worship cleanses the slave of impurities, confers upon him a distinctive radiance. For salat is an illumination and a source of spiritual strength in the heart and body that enhances his rizq, and instills love in the hearts of people for him. And the angels rejoice at his salat, as does the earth itself, the mountains, trees and streams. Moreover, this salat will be the means of bestowing upon the slave a special radiance and a reward on the Day of Judgment.

As for the fortunate guest who attends this banquet, his hunger is assuaged and his thirst is quenched, as he is embraced by Divine Acceptance, and spiritually enriched. Though before he came to this banquet he was suffering from hunger and intense thirst, spiritual famine and drought, nakedness and sickness, but after his salat he emerges enriched by spiritual food and drink, rich robes and priceless gems.

To be continued…


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