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Secrets Of Salah – 12


Page 15..

Imam Ibn Taymiya (may Allah sanctify his soul and illuminate his tomb) once said to me,

‘If a sheep dog attacks you, don’t attempt to fight him off. Instead, ask the shepherd. He will save you from it and protect you.’

So once the slave reads, “I seek protection in Allah from satan, the accursed,”

Allah distances satan from him. Then the heart delves deep into the meanings of the Quran and finds itself in its fragrant gardens and witnesses its dazzling wonders, which overwhelm the intellect, and derive from its treasures what no eye has ever seen, or ear has ever heard, or human heart has ever imagined. The only barriers obstructing it from these wonders are his nafs (ego) and satan. The nafs is the obedient tool of satan and once satan is expelled from the heart, the mighty King envelops it in serenity, grants it steadfastness, and imparts gems of wisdom wherein lie its felicity and salvation.

To be continued…



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