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Oh The Regret


We were registering people for an event of the Winds of Change tour by Youth Club. After the registration had closed, we kept on receiving requests for any remaining spots. We had to refuse everyone. Then there were some changes in the arrangement and we could register a few more people. We opened the registration forms and in five minutes we were full again. Something happened and I re-opened them, and a form came in. Then they were closed for good.

I felt sad, I wanted everyone to attend it but they just couldn’t register in time.

This is just a simple event. No guarantee that that those who’ll come will be the chosen ones and those who won’t will be rejected. (Don’t compare it with the thought below)

BUT that day came to my mind. That great Big Day; when only those will be allowed to enter Jannah who had registered for it well in time i.e. before their death. And those who missed their chance….however much they’d request, the chance would have gone. Oh the grief! Nothing could be done then. Allah (SWT) wanted all His creation to enter Jannah but they just didn’t do the good deeds, they did not register. How could He let them enter?

Doesn’t it bring a shiver and feeling of the deepest remorse? It’ll all be over? And no chance? Lost forever! Imagine the regret! It’s called Yaum-ul-Hasrah for that very reason. If only, only we could have done some more….

When that single form came in at the end, I thought to myself, I clicked on the re-open button for him but I didn’t know. It was his good fate. And then I thought of those who’ll be allowed to enter Jannah after the accounts of everyone would have been cleared. They’ll be forgiven for something or the other that was worth it and Allah will let them go at the end; which implies that never ever should we ever leave any good deed, however small it may be, thinking this is so small or what’s the use. Maybe it’s that one small good deed on which we’ll be allowed to enter at the very end.

Think about those people who’re striving hard for Jannah, who don’t let go of any good deed that comes their way. Are we wasting our time? Will this be a source of regret for us at the end? :(



Secrets Of Salah – 7


Page 7..

The person in the third category is like the man who completely neglected his land and wasted the water; so his land became a desolate waste. Thus, he is utterly reprehensible and an object of regret.

These were the examples of people of alertness, people of treachery and people of heedlessness.

The first category is that of the watchful, cautious people who are attentive to their duties and conscientiously try to fulfill the purpose of their creation. The second category is that of people who betrayed their God-given trusts. The third category is that of people of heedlessness.

As for the first, whether he moves or is still, stands or sits, eats or drinks, sleeps or wakes, wears clothes, speaks or is silent, all of these actions will be recorded for him, not against him for he is in a state of remembrance, obedience and nearness to Allah, and is constantly being enriched spiritually. And the second, when he does the above-mentioned actions they are recorded against him, not for him, for he is in the state of aloofness from Allah and in a state of loss. As for the third, he lives his life in a state of heedlessness, idleness and negligence.

To be continued…



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