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Secrets Of Salah – 13


Page 16..

When the slave begins his recitation of the Quran, he is in the position of one secretly whispering to his Lord. So let him beware of incurring his Lord’s anger in any way. If he is whispering to his Lord and addressing Him, but his heart is focused on something else, distracted by other than Allah, then he will invoke Allah’s anger. He will be in the position of a man whom a mighty King, from the monarchs of the world, summoned. The King had the man brought to stand before Him and began addressing him, but the man turned away from the King and began looking right and left. Thus, he fails to understand what the King is saying. How great would be the King’s anger at such a one? So what do you think would be the reaction of the true King, Lord of the cosmos, the sustainer of the heavens and the earth, to such a man?

Therefore, it is necessary for the one praying to pause momentarily after each word of Al-Fatiha, awaiting the response of his Lord, as though he could hear him say,

“My slave has praised Me”, in response to his own affirmation:

All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds. (1:1)

And when the slave says,

The most Gracious, the Repeatedly Merciful. (1:2)

He should pause for a second awaiting the Divine response:

“My slave has extolled Me.”

And when the slave says,

Master of the Day of Judgment. (1:3)

He should wait for the divine response:

“My slave has glorified Me”

And when he says,

You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help. (1:4)

He should wait for the Divine response,

“This is between Me and My slave.”

And when he says,

Guide us to the straight path…

till the ending of the prayer , he should wait for the Divine response,

“This is for My slave and My slave shall have what he asks for.”

To be continued…



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