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Secrets Of Salah – 16


Page 19..

It is also part of devotion and slave hood to recognize that the ability to praise Allah is a divine gift which in itself requires special praise and gratitude. When the slave praises Allah for the ability to praise Him, he must now praise Him out of gratitude for understanding this gift and so on. If the slave were to use all his breaths in praising his Lord, for the bounty upon bounty vouchsafed him by Allah, the praise that he still owes Allah, for this priceless gift of shukr (gratitude) would be far beyond what he has uttered. No one can ever enumerate the true praise owing to Allah for His priceless gifts, even if he were to praise Allah to the utmost of his capacity; for the slave is travelling towards Allah, with blessings he has received from Allah, for which he thanks Allah. And when he praises Allah for taking away a blessing he should also thank Him for inspiring him with words of praise.


In the words of a poet ‘For you in all praise, either for a blessing bestowed or for an evil averted.’


Another aspect of the devotion of Divine praise is that the slave should recognize his inability to express, or do justice to the divine praise. In fact, whatever he is able to achieve by way of praise, even that emanates from Allah. So Allah alone is deserving of praise, for it is He who causes the words of praise to flow from the slave’s tongue and heart. Had it not been for Allah, no soul would have ever received guidance.

To be continued…



Secrets Of Salah – 15


Page 18..

And praise be to Allah whether He is obeyed or disobeyed, and not a leaf falls but with His praise, and not an atom stirs in the cosmos but with His praise. So He is praiseworthy and glorious in His very being even if no one were to praise or glorify Him. He is the one, the unique, even if no one were to declare His oneness. He is the True God, even if no one were to declare His divinity.

Surely Allah has said through the words of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa salam): ‘Allah has heard the one who praises Him.’

In reality, He is the one praising Himself through the tongues of His slaves, for it is He who has caused these words to flow from his tongue and heart. Glory be to Him for this outpouring of praise. Thus, all praise belongs to Him absolutely, and all kingship belongs to Him absolutely, and all good is in His hand absolutely, and to Him return all matters, hidden and known, absolutely.

This understanding is a tiny speck from the understanding of devotion and slave hood of praise, and a miniscule drop from the deep unfathomable ocean of devotion.

To be continued…


Secrets Of Salah – 14


Page 17..

And whoever has tasted the sweetness of salaat knows that nothing can take the place of Takbeerand Fatiha, just as nothing can replace RukuSajdah or Qiyam. For each part of the worship of salaat has a special secret, a profound impact and a special core of devotion, a special sweetness and an exquisite ecstasy which cannot be found in anything else.

Underlying the words, All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds (1:1), is an affirmation of Allah’s supreme perfection in deeds, qualities and names, and His purity from all flaws and defects. He is praiseworthy in His deeds, qualities and His names. He is absolutely pure and free of all defects and flaws in His deeds, qualities and names. His deeds are all based on wisdom, mercy, benefit and justice.  His qualities are all qualities of perfection and majesty, and His names are all beautiful. And His praise fills the world, the hereafter, the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them and all that is within them. So the entire cosmos is reverberating with His praise. Creation itself came in to existence proclaiming His praise, and all of existence is maintained by His praise, for His praise was the reason for all of creation’s very existence. This divine praise is the ultimate goal and longing of everything in existence, and everything in creation is a witness to this praise. The prophets were sent with His praise, and the books were revealed with His praise, and paradise will be filled with its inhabitants with His praise, and the fire will be filled with its inhabitants with His praise…

To be continued…



Key to Gratefulness!


I happened to attend the completion of 1st juzz of the Quran. Here is something of what I learnt…

The Quran starts with the word ‘Alhamdulillah’.

There are 3 stages of gratefulness.

  • First is you don’t even know about it. You don’t even know you’re supposed to be grateful to Allah.
  • Second is you start thanking Allah for everything good you have or get.
  • Third is you become grateful even for those things that are hard on you, that are against your will. (Why? Because you know they’re from Allah and He SWT always does what’s best for you).

And then even that stage comes when you start disliking someone praising you (because you know all praise is for Allah).

When do we praise someone? When we see some quality (worth praising) in them. When we don’t see the good things we don’t praise either. And when we start ‘recognizing’ then the admiration comes from our hearts.

If someone is not glorifying Allah be worried about that person because he doesn’t ‘know’.
The person who knows about brands and stuff becomes so happy when he comes across a sale. The rest wouldn’t even care.
Know Allah more and more. Know His siffaat (attributes). You’ll get true happiness of the duniya and aakhirah.

Recognition brings gratefulness

Hajrah. :)

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