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Secrets of Salah – 9


Page 10..

Allah created Man especially Himself, and He created everything else for Man’s sake.


As Allah swt says (as reported in narrations from Bani Israel): O son of Adam, I created you for Myself and I created everything for you. It is my right that you should not be distracted from the purpose (of creation) by that which I created for you.”


And another narration states, “O son of Adam, I created you for Myself, so do not play. I have guaranteed your provision, so do not exhaust yourself. O son of Adam, seek Me, you will find Me. If you find Me, you have found everything. And if you lose Me, you have lost everything. And I should be more beloved to you than all things.


And Allah has made salaat a means of gaining His love, nearness, intimacy and conversing with Him.


The time between two salawat breeds heedlessness, hardness of the heart, aloofness and indifference which leads to errors and mistakes. These distance him from his Lord, and make him drift away from His nearness. Thus, he becomes as though he were a stranger to worship, and he no longer belongs to the ranks of Allah’s slaves. It is as though he has willingly handed himself over to the satanic enemy who has imprisoned him, chained him, bound him and confined him in the prison of his base self and desires. So his lot is suffocation in his heart and a host of worries, grief, sorrows and regrets without knowing why.

To be continued…



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