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Secrets Of Salah – 17


Page 20..

It is also part of devotion and slave hood to Allah that the slave remains in a state of constant remembrance in all situations, those which he relishes as well as those he dislikes. He must also praise Allah while contemplating the different circumstances of humanity, affluent or poor, sinner or saint, even if he does not understand the divine wisdom underlying it all. Divine praise is but an inspiration from Allah, which He casts into the hearts of men, abundantly or little, depending upon the knowledge of Allah which that particular slave possesses. The Prophet (sallahu alayhi wa salam) said, in the narration of intercession,

“When I cast myself down in prostration, Allah inspires me with words of praise by which I glorify Him; words that had never before crossed my mind.”

His slave then says,

The Most Gracious, The repeatedly Merciful (1:2), and the devotion of these words comprises a testimony to the Rububiyyah of Allah alone; just as He is the Solicitous Lord of the Cosmos, The creator, The Provider, and The One who regulates their affairs, The One who brought all creation into existence, and The One who enriches them. So He alone is their God, their Deity, their Sanctuary, and their Refuge in times of distress and vicissitudes, and they have no Lord save He, and no God save He.

To be continued…



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