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Gait of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w walked fast. He did not appear to be tired or lazy. The people walking with him used to feel exhausted because of his speed. It seemed as if the ground was folding under his feet when he walked. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did not feel anything, meaning his swift pace came to him naturally.

He lifted his whole foot and then put it back down whole as well. He did not drag his feet.

He did not stamp his feet while walking.
“The (true) servants of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth…” (Al-Furqan 63) 

He had a firm step and walked with a certain grip on the ground (i.e. in a very balanced manner). He walked as if he was climbing down a slope, firmly and a little bent. He did not look here and there rather he looked straight ahead (focused on the goal).

His companions walked in front of him, leaving his back for the angels.

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