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Fragrance of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



The body, limbs and perspiration of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was more perfumed than any perfume. Anas r.a said more than amber.

(Remember that whatever is inside our heart and soul, it emits from us in the form of our own special smell. We give out certain vibes and a specific feel. We should think about what is inside us and consequently what smell do we give out.
Also we should be conscious about physical cleanliness).

When Prophet Muhammad s.a.w passed through a path, the fragrance lingered. When he s.a.w shook hands with someone that person could smell Nabi s.a.w’s scent from his own hands the whole day. When he caressed the head of a kid, the kid would be recognized among others by the fragrance.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had mixed a lot of perfumes together in one container.

He never returned the gift of perfume.

Once he rinsed his mouth and threw the water in a well and the well started smelling of musk.
(This may seem like an exaggeration to the readers but it’s not because a lot of references are found for this. This might be Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s miracle).

If Prophet Muhammad s.a.w took odorous fumes, he took them of ‘oudh’ or sometimes mixed camphor in it.

He used to wear so much perfume that his hair shone because of it. He used perfume of the very best quality.

So yeah people! Wear perfume and always smell good. It’s a sunnah. =)

Note: Women are not allowed to wear perfume in the proximity of a non-mehram.

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Hajrah. :)

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