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Secrets Of Salah – 3


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Drought and famine repeatedly attack the heart and soul; therefore Allah renews the invitation to His banquet for His slave time and time again, five times a day as His special mercy. Each time the slave stands before his master appealing for divine kindness, his thirst is quenched by the one who sends spiritual rain for the hearts and clouds bearing the rain, so that the vegetation of Imaan does not wither and the fruits of goodness do not waste away, and so the heart may constantly be watered and nurtured by the rain of Divine Mercy.

The drought of the heart is heedlessness, and as long as the slave is in a state of remembering Allah and advancing towards Him, the rain of divine mercy falls upon him in gentle succession like continuous rain drops. But if he becomes heedless, his heart is afflicted with famine, in proportion to the extent of his heedlessness. Were heedlessness to become part of his nature, his heart would become like a dry barren desert, and the wild fire of worldly desires and lusts would wreak havoc in that desert, raging from all directions like a hot wind.  And his land would become barren, though it had been fertile once, with all kinds of fruits and vegetations. Yet if the rain of Divine mercy were to fall upon it, it could once again bloom, and flower and revert to its original state of beauty and lush greenery.

To be continued…


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