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Secrets Of Salah – 6


Page 6..

The most hateful in creation in the sight of Allah is the idle wastrel who is neither profitably occupied in worldly pursuits, nor in gaining the hereafter. In fact, he is a burden upon the world and religion, for when a person strives for dunya, and neglects his aakihira he is reprehensible and a failure. So what of one who neglects both? And a man who perpetually strives for his dunya and neglects his aakhira is most definitely a loser.


The person in the first category is like a man who was allotted a vast area of land for the purpose of farming. He was given all that he needed for cultivating and watering the crops. Thus, he cultivated the land and prepared it for farming. He sowed all manner of grains, and he planted all manner of trees and brightly colored fruits. Then he surrounded the land with a high wall and did not neglect its safety. In fact, he posted guards to protect it from corruption and mischief makers. He began tending it every day; putting right its deficiencies, replanting what had dried up, clearing its shrubbery, and clipping its thorns and using the produce for its cultivation.


The person in the second category is like the one who acquired that land and made it a shelter for wild beasts and reptiles etc, and a place for filth and carrion and a stronghold for every evil mischief maker and thief. He abused all the facilities he had been given for the cultivation of that land, by allowing mischief makers to flourish therein.

To be continued…



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