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A brand new word!


A few days ago I learnt a new word from a beloved teacher and it’s coming quite in handy. Read below and find out what it is…

“Make dua for me”, this is almost a cliché now.
Dua in the general sense means calling upon Allah. When do we usually make dua? After salah, after adhaan, during a journey, when it’s raining etc.
We do it in routine and so eventually it becomes a ritual. We make dua because we have to, we don’t really mean what we say or our heart is not really present during it.

Therefore, our connection with Allah weakens (something that should not happen in any case).

Now here comes the brand new word that I learnt: Munaajaat.
Munaajaat means whispering, talking to Allah.

 We need to talk to Allah like we talk to our very close friends.

Here’s the key: “Share with Allah there and then”.

Alright so this person said something to you and you’re dying to share it with your friend. Tell Allah about it and feel light right away.
You’re hurt, sad, in pain…tell Him, in your own common plain words.
You’re afraid that you might not be able to live up to your Ramdan resolutions….ask Him what to do. Tell Him you need His help.

What did Zakariyya A.S do? ‘Nidaa an Khafiyya’. He called upon His Lord in secret. How can you call and do it in secret at the same time? By doing it in your heart.

You know what? The best thing is you can share it with Him SWT without needing to send a text message, call or get home. You can talk to Him at the spot. Amazing!
No technology is as advanced as that.

You can have your lips tightly pressed together with your hand on your chin and you might be sitting in a gathering and still be pouring your heart out to Allah and no one would even know.

Guess what? I tried it and your desire to share it with SOMEONE actually does finish and you feel all light and satisfied. After all, He understands our problems best. He created us, didn’t He?
I’m not saying don’t share anything with your parents or friends at all but first share it with Allah!
In fact, do munaajaat all the time!
Hajrah. :)

One Wrong Turn!


About a week ago I had to go to a meeting in the next city. As we started off, I was naturally happy. I had the address all clear in my mobile phone and no worries. But when we got off the main highway, we didn’t know where to go. We moved on and went on getting more confused every passing minute. Finally, we hit on a dead end! We turned back and kept going wrong. And then we came to know that in the beginning we turned left instead of right. So that was the problem!

That could be a serious problem: One wrong turn!

Sometimes in life we take one little wrong turn and get lost and confused. And I was thinking what if we are never able to turn back? We don’t even realize at that time that we had gone wrong at that point? And what would be the consequences then? Hell-fire forever? Can we even think about it for a micro-second? No! Not me! Then what should be done?

Since we’re weak (Al-Quran 4:28) and need support to stay on the right track so we can ask Allah for help. Keep making du’aa for guidance toward the right path and keep repenting in case we’ve gone astray and don’t even know. InshaaAllah!
And He helps, He really does!

Hajrah. :)

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