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Yes, Make Your Own History!


One of the amazing things about Ramadan is that it is a month that has always made history! Amazing, right?

Lets take a peak.

  • Quran (Word of Allah) was revealed in Ramadan. We are well aware of the effect Quran’s revelation had on world’s history. Can you tell some of them?
  • Battle of Badr was fought in Ramadan. This battle is called the ‘Day of Criterion’ (8:41). Truth and falsehood were separated completely on that day.
  • Conquest of Makkah also happened in this blessed month. It turned history’s direction. Can you tell how?

If Ramadan can transform the map of this world, can’t it bring a change in us?

Do we need to change? (Not really, I’m already doing lots of good stuff).
If you are on the path of goodness, do more good. Go higher and higher and higher…
If you offer your salah 5 times a day punctually then check the quality of your salah. If the quality is good then start offering tahajjud. If you’re offering tahajjud as well then try not to miss out on your ishraq nawafil. If you’re doing that too then check if you act upon the following ayah whenever you have a problem?
“And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah]” (2:45)

Ramadan is a month given to us for change. Prayers, charities, good deeds should increase.
Ramadan and non-Ramadan should not be equal for us. It should not be equal. It should be better from every aspect.

TARGET OF RAMADAN: I have to be good, more than before.

Need to increase in taqwa. Turn your intentions toward Allah. Cooking, sleeping, charity, giving out food…everything for Allah.

Have to be firm about leaving our bad habits. (Yes you can do it. Remember what we just talked about it? Make history :D)
Don’t wait for others to push you. Be self-motivated. Decide and stick to it. And make du’aa to Allah (SWT) for help in leaving a bad habit.

Fasting makes you recognize your ability of self-control. Even when no one’s looking you still don’t eat, not even a bite. What stops you? Your decision! Your decision that you’re on a fast and will not eat a thing till Maghrib. This is not a small thing. Think about it. You don’t eat not for a day, not for two days but for thirty days!!!
So, decide to bring that change in you and you’ll be able to do it, inshaAllah. (You do have self-control). :)
For example, make a firm resolve that you will get up for Fajr. And you will, iA! (You’ll feel as if angels came down from up above and woke you up).

So, this Ramadan make your own history! Because you can do it!

Hajrah. :)

P.S. This has been taken from the talk of a scholar and has been translated.

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