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“The independence day sales estimated to reach Rs. 40-50 billion this year”, reported a newspaper.

As I read the headline, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Embarrassed to face the underprivileged class upon spending so excessively for the celebration of a single day, in the form of paper flags that are seen trampled on the roads on the morning of 15th, in the form of lights decking huge buildings when villages upon villages have no electricity throughout the year, in the form of fireworks and gunshots that disturb the peace of many ill, old and suffering, in the form of huge green and white cakes when thousands in this country sleep everyday without having eaten a single morsel, in the form of green and white paints and flower petals when so many walk around in rags.

What kind of love entails only words and one-time actions? Why do we always have to choose the more flashy and easy way out? Why do we polish and glamorize cracked walls, why not fix the cracks first? Why don’t we strive together to make every person of this land truly independent and free? Free from financial burdens, from hate, the shackles of undue cultural practices, from pleasing everyone all the time, from worshipping anyone and anything other than the one true God. Because indeed, this is what our forefathers dreamed of. A land where the one God, Allah could be worshipped freely, where His Laws could be implemented, where we won’t be compelled to follow human-made flawed systems.

And certainly, that one God commands of nothing but good. He tells us to take care of the needy and the poor. He tells us to have empathy, to put their worries above our own. And if we do follow His Laws and take care of the poor accordingly, then who will remain dependent? Who wouldn’t be free?

There’s still time, my dear fellow Pakistanis! Let’s start helping those around us, not only materially but also spiritually. Because they need it. We all need to be free by being slaves of Allah, as that is the ultimate freedom!

Let’s live, Pakistan ka matlab kia? La ilaaha illa Allah*

*La ilaaha illa Allah: there is no God worthy of worship except Allah.



Oh The Regret


We were registering people for an event of the Winds of Change tour by Youth Club. After the registration had closed, we kept on receiving requests for any remaining spots. We had to refuse everyone. Then there were some changes in the arrangement and we could register a few more people. We opened the registration forms and in five minutes we were full again. Something happened and I re-opened them, and a form came in. Then they were closed for good.

I felt sad, I wanted everyone to attend it but they just couldn’t register in time.

This is just a simple event. No guarantee that that those who’ll come will be the chosen ones and those who won’t will be rejected. (Don’t compare it with the thought below)

BUT that day came to my mind. That great Big Day; when only those will be allowed to enter Jannah who had registered for it well in time i.e. before their death. And those who missed their chance….however much they’d request, the chance would have gone. Oh the grief! Nothing could be done then. Allah (SWT) wanted all His creation to enter Jannah but they just didn’t do the good deeds, they did not register. How could He let them enter?

Doesn’t it bring a shiver and feeling of the deepest remorse? It’ll all be over? And no chance? Lost forever! Imagine the regret! It’s called Yaum-ul-Hasrah for that very reason. If only, only we could have done some more….

When that single form came in at the end, I thought to myself, I clicked on the re-open button for him but I didn’t know. It was his good fate. And then I thought of those who’ll be allowed to enter Jannah after the accounts of everyone would have been cleared. They’ll be forgiven for something or the other that was worth it and Allah will let them go at the end; which implies that never ever should we ever leave any good deed, however small it may be, thinking this is so small or what’s the use. Maybe it’s that one small good deed on which we’ll be allowed to enter at the very end.

Think about those people who’re striving hard for Jannah, who don’t let go of any good deed that comes their way. Are we wasting our time? Will this be a source of regret for us at the end? :(



Independence Day!


14th August! You just say it and hearts start thumping, feet start tapping, fingers start snapping, bodies start swaying happily and everyone falls into chorus of their favorite song.

Isn’t that the scenario that we saw in different parts of Pakistan on Independence Day?

65 years of Pakistan’s independence, our dear homeland!

I remember coming across, in this Sunday’s newspaper, 65 reasons to celebrate 65 years of Pakistan. I started reading with anticipation, wondering what reasons lay ahead and clearly remember my dumbfounded amazement when I had finished. Yes, the reasons were those due to which independence is celebrated today. After all, haven’t we produced brilliant artists, glorious singers and melodious musicians ever since Pakistan was created?

However much happiness is celebrated, it is less!

Shouting and singing loudly  with your friends of both genders in concerts is just an expression of the love that we feel for this piece of land which is drenched with the blood of sacrifices of our forefathers.

Forefathers, eh?

This is the reason I write today. Because I vividly remember the deep pain in my grandfather’s eyes when he used to tell us how he remembered himself at the time of partition, a young army officer in Pakistan, on duty to receive people migrating from India to Pakistan by train. He stood there waiting for the train to come and finally when it arrived, there was no singing and laughter but…… A deep silence! He stepped inside compartment after compartment, only to find them filled with nothing but dead bodies!

Would you close your eyes for just 5 seconds and imagine that?

Does anyone of you remember those dead people leaving a will saying we are dying for you, please celebrate our sacrifices and death with all possible forms of entertainment?

I also remember the passion in the eyes of my other grandfather, who was old, having retired from army quite some years ago, but nevertheless wrote an earnest letter to the higher authorities requesting to be recruited as a volunteer in army during the time when war was being announced.

Would you really believe that he was ready to sacrifice his remaining limbs so that you could perhaps dance a few more steps independently?

No, it’s not just about my grandfathers. I’m sure yours have the same story. Go, ask them!

And if you don’t have a grandfather, let me tell you what they would have told you:

Pakistan ka matlab kia? La ilaaha illAllah

[Translation: Meaning of Pakistan? There is no God worthy of worship except Allah]

La ilaaha illAllah. Go, do some research on it. Surely, that would be part of the love that you feel for this land. And this phrase is a lot more practical than you think!

Hajrah. :)

P.S. Don’t find answers? Come back here and comment below…

THE Shade!

Assalam u ‘alaikum,

The hadith that I am sharing in this post is one of my favorites. It is one of those narrations that whenever you read them you get a good taste in your mouth and you want to act upon it somehow, immediately. It tells about seven categories of people who will get shade by Allah on the Day of Judgement.

I wanted to discuss each of the seven points but they are so beautiful and clear and complete that there is no point in explaining them further. The only thing I want to say is, imagine the Day when there will be no shade! Sun would be very very near us. There will be no trees, no shelter, no nothing! The Day would be 50,000 years long! It will be sweltering hot and everyone will be thirsty beyond imagination and so worried and alone. Read a bit about how that Day would be like in the post “Only Imagine” and then read this post further so that you can actually feel what a great blessing and relief it would be to get a shade on that Day! We do want to be from at least one of these seven people, don’t we?

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, The Book of Adhaan, Hadith no. 660:

Narrated Abu Hurairah r.a: The Prophet s.a.w said, “Allah will give shade to seven, on the Day when there will be no shade but His. (These seven persons are:)

1. a just ruler,

2. a youth who has been brought up in the worship of Allah (i.e. worships Allah Alone sincerely from his childhood), 

3. a man whose heart is attached to the mosques [i.e. who offers the five compulsory congregational Salaat (prayers) in the mosques],

4. two persons who love each other only for Allaah’s sake and they meet and part in Allaah’s cause only,

5. a man who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for illegal sexual intercourse with her and says: I am afraid of Allaah,

6. a man who gives charitable gifts so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given (i.e. nobody knows how much he has given in charity), and

7. a person who remembers Allaah in seclusion and his eyes become flooded with tears.”

O Allah, the Merciful and Ever Loving! Please make us one of these and help us act on these points.

Hajrah. :)

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