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A brand new word!


A few days ago I learnt a new word from a beloved teacher and it’s coming quite in handy. Read below and find out what it is…

“Make dua for me”, this is almost a cliché now.
Dua in the general sense means calling upon Allah. When do we usually make dua? After salah, after adhaan, during a journey, when it’s raining etc.
We do it in routine and so eventually it becomes a ritual. We make dua because we have to, we don’t really mean what we say or our heart is not really present during it.

Therefore, our connection with Allah weakens (something that should not happen in any case).

Now here comes the brand new word that I learnt: Munaajaat.
Munaajaat means whispering, talking to Allah.

 We need to talk to Allah like we talk to our very close friends.

Here’s the key: “Share with Allah there and then”.

Alright so this person said something to you and you’re dying to share it with your friend. Tell Allah about it and feel light right away.
You’re hurt, sad, in pain…tell Him, in your own common plain words.
You’re afraid that you might not be able to live up to your Ramdan resolutions….ask Him what to do. Tell Him you need His help.

What did Zakariyya A.S do? ‘Nidaa an Khafiyya’. He called upon His Lord in secret. How can you call and do it in secret at the same time? By doing it in your heart.

You know what? The best thing is you can share it with Him SWT without needing to send a text message, call or get home. You can talk to Him at the spot. Amazing!
No technology is as advanced as that.

You can have your lips tightly pressed together with your hand on your chin and you might be sitting in a gathering and still be pouring your heart out to Allah and no one would even know.

Guess what? I tried it and your desire to share it with SOMEONE actually does finish and you feel all light and satisfied. After all, He understands our problems best. He created us, didn’t He?
I’m not saying don’t share anything with your parents or friends at all but first share it with Allah!
In fact, do munaajaat all the time!
Hajrah. :)

Quran and You: A new beginning!


I just want to compile here some tips and reminders (randomly), given by Nouman Ali Khan today in the ’10 Day Ramadan Prep Challenge’. (Link to that talk will be posted as soon as it gets available inshaAllah).

The first thing to understand is that when you talk about Ramadan ‘Quran’ should come to your mind rather than ‘fasting’. Because Ramadan has its importance because of the Quran. Allah talks to Bani-Israel in the beginning of the Quran that I gave you priority over other nations, you were people of the Book etc. And then Allah defines the shifting of roles from Bani-Israel to the ‘ummah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W BECAUSE of the Book revealed on Nabi S.A.W.
So we are an ‘ummah having importance because of the Quran and Ramadan is our month, again having importance because of the Quran. The real thing is the Quran.
This Ramadan should be about our connection with Allah (and what better way than through His own words i.e. the Quran).
Do not let this month be a celebration or tradition like other nations have. Be different. Let it change your life. Don’t let it be the month of biryanis or pakoras.  Quran is the actual point of pride. Take pride in that.

Quran is in itself a mercy. Because it is taught by THE Most Merciful.
“The Most Merciful Taught the Qur’an,” (55:2)
(Hey we all need mercy, right?)
On one hand it says that if We had sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and coming apart from fear of Allah but on the other hand Quran itself acknowledges that (for human beings) Quran is revealed to lighten their burdens, to make their lives easier.
So start now. There is no such thing as tomorrow, you and I only have today.
Bring the attitude of immediate change in you. Remember the companions of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W changed the direction towards their qibla in their prayer, immediately.

Another thing to note is that Quran is a record of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W’s struggles. His mission was to spread this Book and the hardships He faced are unimaginable. He was so concerned that people save themselves from Allah’s wrath that Allah told Him to calm down.
It says in the Quran: “Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.” (18:6)

Where is that concern in us? Where is that concern for the whole humanity in the ‘ummah? (Think about it).
We are the ambassadors of Islam, of Quran. Is the Quran represented in our character? In our attitude?
This Quran is not a Book of academics, it is not a Book of beautiful recitations… It’s a Book of attitudes man!

What an honor it would be if the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W calls us the People Of The Quran on that day!!

The following are answers to queries.
Behaviors aren’t corrected by mere address. It usually backfires. Don’t say anything too direct. Do it through a friend, by putting a good reminder in the car’s player etc. And remember, it’s not what you say, it’s Allah Who puts barakah in one word and it changes someone completely. But watch out what you say. Choose your words carefully. Remember how messed up you were sometime ago.
Ramadan is all about fruits and direct connection (with Allah SWT, with Quran). Work on that.
Make sure you recite Quran after Fajr regularly for at least 20 minutes (it doesn’t matter how much you cover in that time, doing it is important).
Go easy with the iftar. Don’t waste your time in making huge iftars. You won’t be able to stand straight in Maghrib, let alone tarawih.
Kids are your reflection. Don’t be sarcastic to them, don’t let them give up on you (with your attitude). You taught them. Parents are concerned about their child, not about self. We don’t dignify our kids, we don’t give them respect. It’s really really important, when they make adult decisions it will count. One, make communication open. Two, give respect.

Hajrah. :)

P.S. Some sentences are as it is, some have been rephrased for better understanding.

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