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A Tiny Burn!


Today my three-year-old nephew’s arm got scalded by hot soup. His elbow became an angry red and he screamed for almost an hour, crying loudly after that. Everyone was worried sick. I was ready to cry. I was feeling as if I was in pain. I asked myself; Why? Because he’s my nephew and I love him. Suddenly I heard my mom’s voice amid the screams “Allahumma ajirnaa min annaar” (Oh Allah! Save us from the hellfire). My eyes got transfixed at that red burn…….. Hellfire!

This little burnt patch is unbearable for us now. What about the hellfire? Would we be able to bear that? This has been caused by hot soup; what about the fire that is 70 times hotter than worldly fire? This is cooling down with passing time; what about the heat that would keep on increasing? This was a matter of only a few seconds; what about the blazing fire that would burn skins and bodies forever and ever?

Will I be able to bear it for myself? What if my loved ones were put into it? I wouldn’t be able to do anything then. Perhaps the time and place of action is now and here.

“O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones,……” (At-Tahrim 6)


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