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A Journey Like No Other!


This is a blind man’s journey of his conversion to Islam. It might seem a bit long but it will be worth it, inshaAllah. Below the video, I’ve shared what I’ve learnt from this story because this story was highly motivating for me. (Watch the video first).

  1. The first thing obviously, is that he is blind. He was born blind. He never saw any color. Close your eyes for a moment (preferably in a dark room) and imagine having no eyes at all.
    How many times have I thanked Allah just for my eyes? Thanked Him just because I can see? Just because I can hear? Smell? Touch? Walk? And how many times out of mere gratitude have I been obedient to Him? Prayed (salah) just because He gave me these blessings?
  2. We complain of the cold weather, the hot weather, even the mild weather. Imagine those people living most of the time in -40 degree temperature. Having snowstorms in June.
  3. If we have a disabled child or friend, or just a weak one, how do we treat him/her?
    Abu Hafsah’s mom told him his eyes could not see but he was not blind. Get the impact of these words? She did not let him make his inability to see, an excuse for him. How do I encourage weak people around me?
  4. He could do loads of things at a very young age. He grew up tough. How many of us think we lack the opportunity, time, skills to do stuff?
  5. He was blind. He is blind! Think about it. But what did he accomplish? What has he accomplished up till now? Do I still have an excuse of not being able to do dawah? Of calling people toward Allah?
  6. The trouble he had to go to for being a Muslim. We are born Muslims. We did not have to struggle for it. Are we really doing what we should in return for it? We could at least put our efforts in doing what a Muslim should after being blessed with Islam.
  7. He wanted to be a Muslim, but for almost five long years he could not find even a single Muslim who would help him!!!!
    He says do not the Muslims realize we need this?? (Islam, the best religion and way of life).
    Do you realize he is just one person we are talking about. What about millions of others waiting out there just one call away from acceptance?  If we are still not doing dawah, (calling people toward Allah) I don’t know how will we save our face on the Day of Judgment. Save yourself and people from the fire please.
  8. As with every convert to Islam, he said he asked for guidance. Guidance is something which you do not get unasked.
    If you have not said this till now, say it sincerely: O Allah! Guide me to the straight path. Show me my purpose of life and help me fulfill it.
  9. We say, ‘we can’t learn Arabic, it is just so impossible. Listened to him reciting the Quran? He knew nothing of it in his childhood. You still think you cannot learn it?
  10. He was mesmerized and overwhelmed when he listened to the recitation of the Quran. Know that the recitation of Holy Quran is a very powerful thing. It influences, softens and changes hearts. Learn it the proper way. Recite for your own-self and for others too.
  11. We forget to smile when we have to face even tiny problems. See him joking and making others happy? Let us try it too. =)

Please share whatever you have learned in the comments section below. May Allah reward you.

Hajrah. :)

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