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Hair & Head of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s hair was naturally black (he did not use dyes). Only a few strands of hair were white like on the temple, chin and head. He did not have more than 20 white hairs. He used to wear perfume in his hair. Rabee’a said one of his hairs was red (due to perfume). His hair was slightly curly. He had a mid-parting and combed his hair regularly. He used water to comb his hair (of head and beard). His hair reached his ears or sometimes his shoulders. His head was large but in a balanced manner.

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Face of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!



Prophet Muhammad s.a.w’s face was round like the sun or moon.

Abu Huraira R.A said his face was as if the sun was circling in it.

He had a shining complexion and was white.

His eyes were black with red lines in the white area. His mouth was wide. His eyelashes were thick and it seemed as if kohl/surma was applied in them.

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Pen Portrait of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w!


Here I am, back at ‘A Page from Seerah’ alhamdulillah. About 2 months back I attended a very beautiful class of seerah. The thought of it still brings a warm glowy feeling in my heart. :D

Titled ‘Hulya Mubarak’, or the physical appearance of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., I got to know about lots of tiny details about him that I never knew before.

InshaAllah I’ll be sharing each attribute one by one in the upcoming posts. Read the first one below.
(I will only be sharing whatever I could note down. However, if you want to know about it in detail you can listen to the whole lecture here).


It is said about Nabi s.a.w that He was the most beautiful of all people.


No woman has ever given birth to such a child. He was completely flawless.

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What Women Should Know!


There were some strong reminders in seerah’s class the other day so I thought I’d share them.

Go through the story of Ifk + 1st 10 ayahs of Surah An-Noor before reading on. :p

  • Understand that the most important thing for a woman is her character and her honor. So avoid places which are not only bad but even doubtful.
  • Do not travel alone with a man.
  • Do not go to the doctor’s clinic alone.
  • A man is a man no matter what his age is.
  • No man can be like your father or brother.
  • Labeling someone as your brother and saying this is trust is absolutely wrong. You can’t even trust yourself, how can you trust him?
  • Allah SWT says in the Quran: ” So do not claim yourselves to be pure; He is most knowing of who fears Him.” (53:32).
  • If a man and woman are alone, third between them is Shaitan. Nabi s.a.w said that, how can you deny it?
  • This applies in the virtual world as well, where everything has become what you call ‘personal’. Your laptop, your mobile, your iPad etc. The rules still apply.
  • Don’t even trust your driver. No, not even if he is low in status.
  • Being married and being older does not matter either when it comes to the opposite gender.
  • Be very careful when talking to your jeweler or tailor. Or when you go shopping and want a bargain. Do not sell your eman (faith) for a little money.
  • Avoid laughing loudly even in hijab.
  • You should know the proper way to talk to a man. Because you will have to interact with them living in this world so it’s better if you know the proper way.
  • Women do have sensors. Whenever you sense something be even more cautious.

In short “bachna hai”. How? Sense it yourself.

Remember: Not going into sharr is one thing, do not even go near its path.

Hajrah. :)

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