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Some of the famous philosophies and thoughts that are prevalent in the world today are very illogical and baseless. One is amazed at the fact that these ideas have been generated by “intellectuals”. How come then they don’t make any sense?

Unfortunately, these senseless ideas are followed by many only to be in league with the fad. Even more amazing is how the advocates of such ideas profess themselves with so much vehemence and become defensive if someone tries to argue or suggest otherwise. It’s as if these people feel that their knowledge is absolute.
And that is where the problem lies!

Arrogance over what little knowledge one has leads to stagnancy. You feel you know best and you don’t need any more. It makes one narrow minded and shallow. Allah, the All-Knowing does not like this attitude. Not even in his most beloved people, the prophets.

Sahih Bukhari, 3401:

Narrated Sa`id bin Jubair:
…(Ibn ‘Abbas said)…: Ubai bin Ka`b told us that the Prophet (ﷺ) said, ‘Once Moses stood up and addressed Bani Israel. He was asked who was the most learned man amongst the people. He said, ‘I.’ Allah admonished him as he did not attribute absolute knowledge to Him (Allah). So, Allah said to him, ‘Yes, at the junction of the two seas there is a Slave of Mine who is more learned than you.’ Moses said, ‘O my Lord! How can I meet him?’ Allah said, ‘Take a fish and put it in a large basket and you will find him at the place where you will lose the fish.’

Initially, Musa AS said something that Allah did not like, even though the level of Musa AS’s knowledge must have been the highest in his nation. He was the prophet, after all. But he did not have ultimate knowledge about everything. And, in fact, no one has it.

“…but over every possessor of knowledge is one [more] knowing.” [12:76]

That ultimate is with Allah alone!


Musa AS once he learned there’s another more knowledgeable, at once wanted to go learn from him. He didn’t turn his back in a huff that, “why does another know more than me?” It shows his thirst for knowledge and his sincerity.

If you know and acknowledge that your knowledge is no way complete and there are others who know more than you, you’d always keep growing. Then you’d make this supplication: “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” [20:114]

And the perfect knowledge belongs to Allah!

As for those intellectuals, they can get out of their shell if only they realize this and if they strive sincerely and be patient then they will find the most beautiful and and best knowledge ever, which is the Words of our Creator and nothing can be better than that. <3

P.S. Did Musa AS go to find that man who knew more than him? Was he able to find him with the strange sign of the fish? What did he learn? To know the whole story, click here.


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