Light Up Your Life With Islam



What is life without its share of excitement? We humans get thrilled when it comes to various mysteries of this world. Explorers, researchers and think tanks spend their entire lives trying to solve the intriguing phenomenons around us. History is full of people who gave the Bermuda triangle mystery their blood, sweat and tears.

Interestingly enough, little abstract things around us hold as much intrigue and depth as the big ones. However, we tend to ignore them due to our poor observation skills. It’s wonderful how the night brings sleep with it even though the lights inside our homes are as bright as the day. Similarly, it’s beautiful how the cat tends to its kittens and teaches them how to climb trees out of pure affection. Harder to explain still is the warm feeling one gets on seeing red crisp leaves of autumn, bathed in sunlight and fallen on the straw coloured winter grass. Strange and lovely are these intangible and abstract concepts.

Another such thing that continues to baffle the human race is how come the guy who spends so much never seems to be going in deficit yet the rich bloke who lives in the huge mansion always seems to be crying over his losses! Those who get stuck here are the ones who always think twice while giving charity.


Those great billionaires at the other end of the world give huge charities in order to help make their country stable. We go, “wow, they are the ones who’re actually doing something”. Well, let me tell you a secret: the whole culture of Islam is built around “giving” and sharing and putting others’ needs before my own. It’s my job to give, give, give and to help make my country stable. Not only will this make the economy strong but generate love amongst the people living together. Imagine if everyone is putting the other person first, who would be last?

Various economic systems were presented in front of the world in different centuries, they were implemented and they wreaked havoc. History of capitalism, communism, socialism is right in front of you. Islam brings the only flawless system where not only can economies be stabilized but “human rights” are most taken care of as well.

You give. You give zakat money as an obligation so the love of wealth doesn’t infiltrate in you and so the flow of money doesn’t break its cycle. You give charity in the form of money, food, clothes, land and even education, smiles and a kind word. If you have nothing else, you give your good wishes (dua) to the other person. This is what Islam teaches us, what could be more “humanitarian”?

To cap it all, we have the most beautiful role model in our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who spent on every person he came across and never spoke a harsh word to those who asked.

It says in Sahih Bukhari, 3220:

Narrated Ibn `Abbas:
Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) was the most generous of all the people, and he used to be more generous in the month of Ramadan when Gabriel used to meet him. Gabriel used to meet him every night in Ramadan to study the Holy Qur’an carefully together. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) used to become more generous than the fast wind when he met Gabriel.

What a beautiful example for us and what a beautiful friend he had. Because friends influence you, clichéd as it may sound. They do good, you start doing good and you don’t even know it.

Besides, they were studying the Quran together and there’s nothing that compels you more to spend on others and give charity than the Words of the Quran itself. It not only tells you of the great reward that you’ll earn by spending in both the worlds but also about the temporariness of this world and its goods. So you know that its better to spend here right now and have it saved for the hereafter with a lot of profit on it than to try to hoard it here where it will perish eventually anyway.

Let’s revive this wonderful culture back again. Let’s give and make others around us give too. Let’s set that example. If you have nothing tangible to give, give greetings and peace. Give your kind words. Let no one be deprived.

Allah promises that if you give, your wealth will not decrease rather it will increase manifold. This is one of the mysteries of life and it’s called “barakah”. :)


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