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The last post talked about the attitude of a person, who has true faith + righteous deeds, on receiving good and bad. In this one, we will discuss the attitude of the person who does not have true faith + righteous deeds and how he reacts on receiving favourable and unfavourable things in his life. You can then compare the two personalities and check where do you lie?

When He Receives Good 

The other kind of person (who does not have true faith + righteous deeds), he welcomes favourable things with arrogance, insolence and transgression. He deviates from good moral conduct and he receives those favours like wild beasts do with greed and impatience. And along with that his heart is not at ease, rather his efforts and work is haphazard and dispersed in various directions due to:

  • fear of departure of his beloved things
  • obstacles arising because of this fear
  • his heart being unable to stop at a limit, he wants more and more

So this man is unable to enjoy what he already has because his enjoyment is overpowered by his fear of losing that pleasurable thing and then he can’t concentrate on other matters because his heart is in constant fear, for example, if he’s at work, he’d keep thinking, oh what if it gets stolen or what if this happy moment ends, so he loses focus and it becomes a hindrance in his other daily tasks and then he isn’t content on what favours he has, rather he keeps wishing for more and other favours.

The favours that he wants more and more, he might get them or he might not. But even if he does get them supposedly, he’d still not be content and remain anxious. Why? Because again he’d be plagued by those three things; fear of losing, obstacles due to that fear and wanting more. What an unfortunate man, indeed!


When He Receives Bad

When that person (who does not have true faith + righteous deeds) receives something unpleasant, he welcomes it with anxiety, despondency, fear and agitation. So do not ask how miserable his life becomes and the illnesses of the mind and nerves that overcome him and the fear that grips him and the horrible vexations that engulf him. Because he has no hope of reward and he does not know how to be patient which would console him and make the worries insignificant.

The poor person was not even happy during favourable times, how can you expect him to endure worries in a mature way? Unlike the true believer, he has no principles that he can apply in good and bad times. Besides, he does not have anything to look forward to, he has no incentive because he does not hope for any reward during troublesome times. He would have hoped for reward if he had been patient. But in the absence of those principles of faith, he does not even know how to be patient.

Look Around You

All of the above, has been seen and is based on experience. When you see people around you and you reflect on their situation and try to fit them in a category, you will find great difference between the true believer who does righteous deeds as required by his faith and between the one does not have the qualities of true belief and righteous deeds.

And know that our religion urges as much as possible to be content on whatever sustenance and things you receive from Allah and on the various favours and kindnesses that He bestows on His slaves.

Hajrah. :)

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