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There is a thing that every single person in this world strives for. No one wants to not have it. We all crave for it, no matter what religion, ethnicity, race, country, class, age or gender we belong to. It even doesn’t matter what profession or field you’re in, you’d want it anyway. You could be a doctor, a student, a retired officer, a clerk, a politician, a housewife, it just doesn’t signify, you want it badly. A phenomenon that cannot be seen or heard but it can be felt, deeply! 

Can you guess what that highly desired thing is? Yes, it is “happiness”! We all want to be happy! There are millions of books and articles written on the subject yet we can’t have enough of it. Yet again we open an article titled “25 simple ways to achieve happiness”, thinking this might be the one meant for me. 

But here in this series of posts, I’m going to share with you the real REAL way to be happy! The reason I say this is because the material that I will be sharing comes from not just any psychologist or therapist, rather it comes from a scholar who understood the Words of the Creator and applied it to the worldly knowledge of happiness. It creates a perfect blend of heartfelt peace fondue coming from the Words of Lord of the Worlds together with whipped happiness of the everyday world we live in.


The text that I will be following and extracting gems from is originally in Arabic, called 

الوسائل المفيدة للحيأة السعيدة

which means,

Ways to a Happy Life

It is a booklet written by Abd Ar-Rahmaan ibn Nasir as-Sa’di (may Allah have mercy upon him). 

In the preface of the book, he writes that every person’s goal is comfort, tranquillity and pleasure of the heart and demise of trouble and sorrow. With this, a person wants to achieve a good life. The aforementioned goal is achieved through religious, natural and/or practical causes. But all these causes are gathered together only for the believers. Rest of the people, non-believers, get only one of the causes and are unable to get benefits of other causes (which basically means they are unable to achieve the ultimate happiness).

The author further says that there are three kinds of people; those who get a lot and thus spend happy lives, those who are deprived and thus spend unfortunate lives and those who are in the middle. But remember that Allah is the One who can give good and do away with bad.   

The above is a gist of what’s in the preface. Follow the posts and see for yourself what the rest of the booklet holds. Stay tuned for the next post for the perfect recipe of happiness inshaAllah!

Hajrah. :)

Next post: Ways to a Happy Life – Faith & Righteousness 


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