Light Up Your Life With Islam


As I entered my room one afternoon to get something from the cupboard, it was filled with a strange smell. I got the thing I wanted and went out of the room, forgetting all about it. By night the smell had increased and in the morning had increased even more. When the obnoxious odour got unbearable by next afternoon, a ‘search party’ was called for to see what the cause of the problem was. After about a couple of hours, the source was discovered to be a dead mynah bird in the water bowl outside the window. The poor bird had probably died there a day or so ago…

Mynah bird

I thought to myself, the smell of a rotting body, even of a small bird, is so dreadful. What about the stench of millions and millions of rotting and burning bodies in the fire of hell? Even the thought of that awful dead bird smell still makes me cringe, what about that? We often think about the punishment of feeling the extreme heat or seeing fire all around in that great pit of hell but we hardly ever think about the appalling smells there. Imagine not being able to breathe the clean fresh air ever! Imagine the worst smell that your nose ever came across and the suffocation you felt as a result, that suffocation will be worse than that. There will be every possible torture, punishment upon punishment! How do people say, “we’ll bear the punishment of hell for a while, we have to go into heaven eventually anyway”? Will you really be able to bear it, even for a moment?


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