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The reality of everything, of your own self lies in a single sentence. Read below…

خلق الدنيا للابتلاء والزوال والعمل، وخلق الآخرة للبقاء والأبد، وخلق الجنة للنعيم، وخلق النار للعذاب.

[Rough translation:] He created the world for trial, demise and action; and He created the akhirah for permanence and eternity; and He created the jannah for favours; and He created the fire for torment.

This is the best summary ever of the great phenomena of life, death and life after death. This is it!

Puts everything into a single perspective and thus makes it so easy to comprehend.

The root of our problems lies in our faulty perspective. We fail to remember that this world is meant to be temporary, just like an examination hall. In the examination hall, you only care about your exam and nothing else. You know your time is short and that in…

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