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I Don’t Understand


I don’t understand! Did it ever happen to you that…

  • you had a headache and you just picked up a medicine and took it, presuming it will cure the pain in your head? Though in reality it was a medicine for malaria…
  • you had a chemistry exam of Bachelors the next day and you just picked up a thin pamphlet telling you about the wonders of chemistry and gave your exam? Assuming that you will pass in flying colours…
  • you drove your car on the roads without directing it on a specific path and supposed you’ll reach your friend’s place?
  • you drank a glass of water and believed it will act as a substitute for your breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • a snake bit you and you kept rubbing vaseline over it, imagining it will dispel the poison?
  • you had a mathematics quiz and you made up a formula by yourself and just wrote out the digits thoughtlessly in your test and got a gold medal?

84kb cropped version

Did it ever? Be honest, it did not. Why? Because it didn’t make sense to you. It was just so illogical.
Then my dear friends and foes, how does it appeal to your senses to take the Word of God on mere presumptions?
You never opened the Quran. When you did, you read the Arabic like a parrot, not knowing what it meant. When you read the translation, you never bothered checking if the translation was really what was meant in Arabic.
You never opened any Hadith book. You never knew the history of hadith sciences.
You never knew who were the founders of the four famous schools of Islam and what they really preached.


You said you’re a good Muslim.
You thought you followed and understood the Quran.
You believed whatever was written and said about Islam in the media and all those crap books out there.
You had the audacity to say hadith is fake, who knows who wrote it.
You thought what you do, is in accordance with the rules God set down for humans.
You thought since the way you dressed appeals to you, so that must be the real modesty.
You read all the -isms and declared they are better than Islam.
You claimed to be a staunch follower of that -ism and this -schism and that sect.


you never knew all these things, you didn’t bother applying logic on these things.

I don’t understand! I really don’t. :S




Comments on: "I Don’t Understand" (4)

  1. Mashallah what a wonderful thought and beautifully put in words.
    Jazakallah hajirah n keep writing good stuff!


  2. Guess you had a bad encounter with someone. And I like the starting of your articles. Ma sha Allah they make you wanna read more.
    P.S. The new look is a bit “girly”, but more pleasing to the eyes than the last one.


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