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Third part of Chapter one is under progress alhamdulillah, titled,

فقه قدرة الرب

“Understanding (fiqh) of Power (Qudrat) of the Master (Rabb)

فسبحان الخلاق العليم الذي فاوت بين مخلوقاته، فخلق الكبير والصغير، والذكر والأنثى، والقوي والضعيف، والثقيل والخفيف، وأحيا بعضها وأمات بعضها، وخلق المخلوقات وفرقها في ملكه في السماء والأرض.

[Roughly translated:] “Glory be to the Creator and the Knowing, Who kept distinction between His creation. So He created the big and the small, and the male and the female, and the strong and the weak, and the heavy and the light, and He brings to life some of them and causes death of some of them, and He created the creation and He differentiated in His kingdom, in the heavens and the earth.”

Where does that leave me? This is the question that comes to mind after reading the above passage. I felt so insignificant…

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