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In the following paragraph the author tells what he hopes to achieve from this book or rather all that he hopes to achieve from this book. I said to myself, why only this? And then it clicked into place.

وكل ما نرجوه بهذا العمل أن يعرف الناس ربهم.. ويعرفوا حقه.. ويعبدوه حق عبادته.. ويطيعوا الله ورسوله.. ويسيروا على هداه.. ليفوزوا برضاه، ويدخلوا الجنة.

[Roughly translated:] And all that I hope from this act (of writing this book) is that people recognize their Rabb, and they recognize His haqq, and they worship Him as is His right to be worshiped, and they obey Allah and His Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam), and they follow His guidance, so that they succeed with His pleasure, and they enter jannah.

The only thing that Shaykh wants to achieve from his struggle of years is only a few things,

  • people recognize their

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