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The reality of the real scholars,

علماء أبرار يسيرون مع الحق أين سارت ركائبه.. كل منهم يستنير بالكتاب والسنة.. ويعمل بالحق ويدعو إليه.. ليرى الناس الدين سهلاً ميسراً.. نقياً صافياً.. لم تكدره آراء أهل البدع والأهواء.. ولم تحرفه أيدي أهل السوء والنفاق.

[Roughly translated:]“Pious scholars go with haqq (truth) wherever it goes. All of them obtain nur (light) from the Book and the Sunnah. And they act upon that which is haqq (truth) and call towards it, so that the people can see that the deen (religion) is simplified and accessible, pure and clear; opinions of people of innovation and desires do not pollute it; and the hands of people of evil and hypocrisy do not distort it”.

Pious scholars go where the haqq goes. They do not care where does it take them, either to the depths of misery or to poverty or trial and affliction. They just know that they have to stick with the

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