Light Up Your Life With Islam

Read about poison in order to be saved from it.

Heart Talks


If you’re young (or even if you’re not), this is for you.

إن من البلاء العظيم أن ينثر الأعداء في ساحة المسلمين علوماً مسمومة.. وأفكاراً متباينة.. علوم كلها غث هزيل.. عسر الهضم.. يأكل الوقت.. ويميت القلب.. ويورث الشك والحيرة والجدل، ويدعو إلى الفسوق والعصيان.

[Roughly translated:] Indeed, among the biggest trials is that the enemies have spread, in the yard of Muslims, poisonous ‘ulum, and far-away thoughts. All these ‘ulum are weightless rubbish, they are difficult to digest, devour time, and cause hearts to die, and they leave behind doubt, wonderment and conflict, and they call towards transgression and sin. 

Don’t you feel that every word of the above statement is true? I am sure each one of you has experienced it some time or other in your life, the indulgence in knowledge that is not only useless but also harmful.

After attending the above lesson, I went straight to university *insert…

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