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Energy Crisis!


I have been observing my environment for the past few days. And I was wondering what is our problem?
It suddenly hit me this morning. Energy Crisis! Yes, this is it.

Now you’ll be directly jumping to hydro-power and electricity and what not… Hold your horses right there!
Our main energy crisis is related to us, human beings. We are in an energy crisis. Just look around you and you’ll know it yourself.

Fuel empty? It’s a farce!

Look at the young man ripe with youth, working long hours in a private company yet still has to spend the weekend with his friends partying the nights away.

Look at this other young man working in a government organization, who goes to work in this old and seemingly providing-shelter-to-those-working-for-the-betterment-of-nation building yet has practically nothing to do in there.

Look at the energetic naughty kids who play all day long making life tough for everything and everyone around them yet still can’t go to sleep at night without throwing a tantrum.

Look at the pretty young ladies with makeup immaculate to the last curved tip of kohl on their upper eyelids, trudging to university everyday to get an education and empower women with all sorts of rights yet have plenty of time to while away in gossip, laughing at others and just having ‘fun’.

Look at the oh-so-poor maid deprived of all the lavishness that life offers to the elite class, working day and night, serving her employers yet never misses a single episode of her favorite soap in her battered down one room house.

Look at the housewife serving her family and waiting on them hand and foot yet has time to brood and complain on how her husband and in-laws never gave her any good.

Look at the young teenager preparing for her exams, sunk up to her neck in books and notes yet finds time to feel bored.

Look at the old widowers and widows with their cracking limbs and tired feet, who worked so hard all their lives yet still have energy left to criticize every possible human being younger than them.

(And let’s not look at the other lot that has nothing better to do than wasting time because we’re only looking at people overburdened with work).

Yes, we are in an energy crisis, with our energies bottled up inside and we face death with most of our faculties never even being recognized and we remain under the illusion that we work so hard in our lives overburdened with load.

And yet… We wonder when we

look at the companions of the Prophet s.a.w digging the trench  with stones tied to their stomachs due to hunger,

look at them fighting wars with just a piece of date for whole days,

look at them memorizing thousands narrations (ahadith) without a single mistake,

look at our pious predecessors travelling miles upon miles through deserts and over mountains to gain knowledge,

look at them ruling half the world with justice to perfection.

I wonder why do we wonder…

And we think we are low on energy? We are low on giving direction to the extra energy.


Comments on: "Energy Crisis!" (4)

  1. Assalamu’alaykum,
    Totally love this post! mashaAllah very well contrasted. I mean, yeah, we DO spend our energy in a lot of not-so-important-things and then wonder how the Shahabah managed to do so much for Islam, in spite of having the same 24 hours we have….wow, this just makes so much of sense! :D JazakAllahu Khayran!


  2. Wa’alaikumassalam.
    Ameen waiyyaki. Glad you could relate so well. :)


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