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Pond of Kauthar!

Assalamu’alaikum (Peace be upon you),
Bismillah (In the name of Allah).

Have you ever been to one of those adventure fun houses where you get as many treats as you dare? In the first zone you get a bagful of sweets. You earn more points and go to the second zone and you get a remote operated toy car and then you earn more points and go to the next zone and so on.

This is what I felt when I read about Haud-e-Kauthar (Pond of Kauthar) the day before yesterday. Before that I had always wanted to get into Jannah, directly. But now I want this Haud treat first and then the next treat and then the next one, inshaAllah. Because the Haud-e-Kauthar is so bee-yoo-tee-ful! Do you know what it is?

On the Day of Judgement, all the people will rise from their graves. Sun will be extremely hot and very near. The day would be very long (read: 50,000 years long). People would be thirsty beyond limits. At that time, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w would give a drink from his Haud-e-Kauthar to his true believers.

Its dimensions will be as large as the distance one would cover in a month. All its sides are equal. Its mud is more sweet smelling than kasturi . Its cups would be of gold and silver. They would be from Jannah. And they are like the stars in the sky (stars of a cloudless night). Whoever will drink once from those cups, will never get thirsty again.

Its water will be whiter than milk, colder than ice, sweeter than honey, more sweet smelling than musk. The one who will drink that water, his color would never become dark. Birds would be flying over it. Two of its water spouts would come from Jannah. It will have two domes of pearls on each side.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w would go to it before us and arrange water for us over there. :D

The people who would get a drink from it would be the ones whom Allah likes. Most of them would be from the Muhajireen (migrants) and underprivileged people, those on whom closed doors are not opened, those who fulfill their responsibilities but they are not given their rights, those who are patient. Mujahid (soldiers) and shaheed (martyrs) would be in abundance. People of Yemen would be given preference (because they accepted Islam very early).

Since this treat would be only for the followers of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, he would recognize them from the marks of wudu on their hands, feet and faces. :)
People other than the followers of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w would not be allowed to come near it.

There will be some people from the ummah (nation) of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w who would not be allowed a drink from it. :(
They would be those who innovated new things in religion, things that had no origin in the Islam that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w brought. Some men and women would come with containers but would not be allowed a drink.

May Allah make us of those who get a drink from it, make us of those who do a lot of wudu only to please Allah (SWT) and protect us from being those who do innovation in religion.

This picture in no way is meant as a resemblance to Haud-e-Kauthar. It just implies that there is so much beauty in this world alone that the beauty of the next world is surely unimaginable!

Hajrah. :)

P.S. Everything has been taken from authentic ahadith. It is part of your faith to believe in Haud-e-Kauthar.


Comments on: "Pond of Kauthar!" (5)

  1. SubhanAllah and MashaAllah…


  2. Wow, I totally envisioned this, could almost taste it. Jazakullah khairun so much for keeping it real. May Allah reward you. Masha’Allah. Alhumdulillah. Tabarak’Allah. Ameen.



  3. Said omar said:

    Plz hajrah…can u give me references to ur article…. Not that i doubt u but a new revert asked me when i shared this…. This is important. جزاك الله خيراًًَ


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