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First, Second or Third?


Here’s a confession: Sahih Bukhari is one of the awesomest books ever. :D

I just want to sit and ponder deeply over each hadith and write extensively about it, but well there is not that much time. So, here’s only one for today. It’s simply lovely.

Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1, The Book of Knowledge, Hadith no. 66:

Narrated Abu Waqid Al-Laith r.a:

While Allah’s Messenger s.a.w was sitting in the mosque with some people, three men came. Two of them came in front of Allah’s Messenger s.a.w and the third one went away. The two persons kept on standing before Allah’s Messenger s.a.w for a while and then one of them found a place in the circle and sat there while the other sat behind them (the gathering), and the third one went away. When Allah’s Messenger s.a.w finished his preaching, he said, “Shall I tell you about these three persons? One of them betook himself to Allah, so Allah took him into His Grace and Mercy and accommodated him, the second felt shy from Allah, so Allah sheltered him in His Mercy (and did not punish him), while the third turned his face from Allah and went away, so Allah turned His face from him likewise.”

There’s just one point to focus on, what category would you like to be in?

Would you rather be thirsty and compassionate for the knowledge of religion and run after it and thus be engulfed in Allah’s Mercy and Barakaat?


Would you rather be the shy one and sit at the back and gain something from His Mercy so that you’re saved from the punishment but still not the big share?


Would you rather be the one who turns away from the knowledge of the religion and thus Allah’s face be turned from you too?

Take your pick!

Read the same hadith with another angle, here: Backbenchers.


Hajrah. :)


Comments on: "First, Second or Third?" (5)

  1. You can revamp my blog. :D


  2. Love Sahih al Bukhari! I used to own the entire collection before I moved and it was to heavy. It’s so straightforward and simple, I’m never sure why everyone complicates so much and not just refer to the source. :D Great post!

    Masha’Allah. Alhumdulillah. Insha’Allah.



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