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Chasing Shadows!

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والدنيا كالظل للإنسان لا يمكن أن يدركه المرء ولو مشى الدهر كله، وقد فرغ الله من رزق كل مخلوق وقسمه:

كمية ونوعية.. ومكاناً وزماناً.. لا زيادة ولا نقصاً.

فنطمئن ونأخذه بالوجه الشرعي، ولا نطلبه بمعصية الله.

Rough translation: “And this world is like a shadow for the man. He cannot overtake (catch) it even if he walks the whole endless span of time for it. And Allah is done with the provisions of all creation and its types: in quantity and in quality… in time and in place… It will be neither increased nor decreased. So we should be content and take from it with the (right) lawful way. And we should not ask for Allah’s disobedience.”

These lines are simply beautiful. The world has been described as a shadow. So let’s talk about shadows a bit. We’ve all chased our own shadow sometime or other in our…

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