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Assalam u ‘alaikum,

Read the title? How many times have you heard this before? It’s almost like a cliché. And so we don’t really give it much thought. But since some days I’ve actually hit upon the REAL meaning of this.

And for the first time I’ve understood, in the true sense, the quote, “I recognized Allah through the breaking of my plans”.
It is said that this is a quote of Ali r.a but I don’t have any reference for that. (If you do, please share it). In Urdu it is, “mai ne Allah ko apne iradon k tootnay se pehchana hai”. 

I came to observe (it’s a personal observation and you can disagree) that when a huge obstacle comes and we’re not able to fulfill our plans because of it, we just give up (unconsciously thinking this is such a big problem and I couldn’t have done much about it). So, we don’t give it any thought deeper than that.

But if you planned for something and a very small obstacle came in the way, you could think ‘man, this is not a big deal, I can handle it’ but then you’re not able to handle it. And you think this was such a small thing but I did NOT have the power to overcome it. This means there is some power, some force much stronger than mine and that power stopped me from doing this. And I had planned so much for it and planned the avoidance of all the loopholes and still I could not make it. There has to be a strong force which steers us in any direction like a toy and we’re left just helpless.

But here comes the awesome part! We plan (one thing for ourselves very carefully) and Allah plans (the other thing, something totally opposite of what we were planning) and INDEED! ALLAH IS THE BEST PLANNER.

We think that what we want for ourselves is the best thing. And it might look like it just is the best thing; even religiously and spiritually. But maybe  it’s not best for us at that time. There could be a thousand and one reasons why it is not good for us and we might not even be able to think of those reasons, even remotely. But He, who loves us more than 70 mothers, knows what we need the most. We don’t even know it ourselves but He does and He gives us that. Isn’t that love at its highest?

It says in Al-Baqarah, verse 216: “But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.”

So what we need to do is, trust Him. We need to be satisfied with whatever He gives us, whatever situation He puts us in, whatever He plans for us. And that is one of the highest degrees of being closer to your Lord.

Remember, He is the best planner, indeed!

Hajrah. :)

Comments on: "We plan and Allah plans!" (6)

  1. Love the whole bit about 70 mothers. I didn’t know that. Wow. LOVE this post. Thank you for this reminder as my life has definitely not gone according to plan for many years now. And yet somehow, there is beauty in the rain. Subhana’Allah.



  2. The best of planners, indeed. May He give us the ability and the sabr to understand His Wisdom behind the decisions He takes for us. <3


  3. How difficult it is for us to accept our breaking plans…it really is something! I wish we can realize the importance of this concept and accept these unplanned changes in life with courage and joy.


  4. Muhammad Noman said:

    Thanks Hajra for reminder, I believe same & don’t wanna loose my eamaan cause of one incedent which daily makes me cry from so long, now it’s almost unbearable, sometime I think if once only once I cried in front of my mother she won’t be able to sleep right after that ever till don’t find cure for me but my Allah see me daily crying, but the time I read a patience part again & again in Quran & I look back to my experiences it was always good like Almighty mentioned in Quran ” what will come will surely better than what has passed & Allah knows you don’t know” may Allah give me higher patience & pass this time as soon as possible.


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