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The whole story was amazing; I’m not sharing all of it. However I recommend you read it. :)

There are a lot of points that we get from her story. I’m posting some of them for a reminder. Read on!

There was a discussion between her and another companion. When we’re doing something good, sometimes we feel that what the other people are doing is lowly. But we’ve no idea how Allah thinks of it. We think that person does not have a degree & he does not have a certificate. If a companion of ours gets a bit slow in his work, we feel he’s not really doing any good work. Or if he stops doing the work we’re doing, we’ll go he’s not doing the real thing. We judge without thinking maybe Allah is taking some other work from him. The real point is to stay contented in whatever situation Allah has put us in and find some productive work for ourselves in that particular situation. With the form or shape of work being different, reward is not lessened. If you’re doing something for self-projection then it’s wasted anyway, no matter how good it is.

If you’re not motivated enough to do Allah’s work then you have nothing! Why do you have to look at others for motivation? Isn’t Allah enough for your motivation? If you’re thrown on an island, wouldn’t Allah be enough for your motivation there?

HasbunAllaha wa na’imal wakeel

If there is no one else, you still have Allah! Doesn’t He show you the way? Doesn’t He provide for you? Don’t we have to return to Him?

This is the difference between us and Companions of the Prophet s.a.w. They did a little but purely for Allah and Allah put barakah in it. Whatever they were assigned, they did it properly only for Allah.

A son was born to her and she continued on her journey to pilgrimage. What do the women do usually? Go on a rest 40 days before and 40 days after the birth of the child. They start praying salah sitting down. But she was strong! Mothers of the ummat-e-Muslimah!

She solved a problem between kids easily. Mothers today get worried about their kids at once. Bring calmness in yourself for their good upbringing. Accept your kids happily as an assignment from Allah. Women, who cry, can’t do anything really. If they’ll cry in front of their husbands, they’ll look elsewhere for someone smiling and laughing. Don’t act abnormally in front of your husband and kids. And when you have to cry, cry in front of your Lord. He will not leave you alone. The people we run after are not the contentment we’re looking for. Try it! Leave people and trust Allah, people will support you too. It is He who puts love and respect for you in people’s hearts. If He loves you, everyone will love you. Calling yourself pitiful is not the solution to the problem. Be brave! Bring that wisdom, strength and confidence in yourself. If a mother is worried, the whole house becomes anxious. Tell yourself, nothing is the problem with me. We’re self-centered; stop the ‘me’ every time. This is worshipping your own-self, Allah does not like it. Trust Him and He’ll help you from ways you can’t imagine.

And when you’re self-centered you fail to recognize the qualities of others.

Don’t do comparison amongst your kids. Remember the individual quality of each of your child. And then expect only that which he is capable of. Mothers want that every child should have all the qualities. This is wrong, saying this child has this quality and the other doesn’t.

The people who ask a lot of questions about how to do things, and don’t feel satisfied; they should check their intentions if they really are asking so that they can act on it. If yes, then Allah will give a chance inshaAllah. If you’re not given a chance then you’ll be rewarded in return for it in the hereafter. Maybe there is more khair in your dua not getting accepted.

Hajrah. :)

Comments on: "From the Story of Asma binte ‘Umais…" (3)

  1. Masha Allah :D This was a great read! Allhamdulilah! Enjoyed it alot!. …. Jazka Allah u khairan katheera for posting it :)


  2. cutesam28 said:

    mashaAllah :) splendid effort :)


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