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Youth of Today!


They’re ambitious, they’re struggling. They are sincere. They’re selfless. They want the best for their nation. They want change. They want to do something for that change. They get motivated. They get inspired. They generate. They create. They plan. They execute. They protect boundaries. They work hard. They drain their energies. They just do it, no matter what it is. They want to see some results. They hope to gain them. They hope to get satisfaction.

BUT they won’t! They won’t get satisfaction because they’re lost. They’re lost on a path which is not in darkness apparently. The path is “gray”, yes gray. They know religion is the solution. They say they have faith in God. But do they know who is God? They don’t. They live by the saying of their elders. They live by what environment taught them. They live by what their friends fed them. They live by the directionless inspiration that their directionless teachers inspired in them. Yes, they do it all yet they’re directionless. They’re disillusioned, they’re in a dilemma. They mix their religion with the forbidden, thinking they’re doing good. Shaitan tells them it’s all cool (he would as long as he can prevent people from getting the actual good stuff). They spend sleepless nights over delusional stuff. They drain their energies for the fake good. Their void never gets filled, they lead hollow lives. The void only gets bigger. They get inspired by all sorts of false ideals; Musicians, singers, actors, film directors, social activists and what not…

WHY? Because their source of info is all fake, delusional, false. They get their knowledge from this, they get their wisdom from that. They want peace, they want real contentment. They want success. They want prosperity, they want satisfaction. They want true happiness. They want change.

BUT have they ever opened the Quran? That’s only where they’ll get the truth and solutions from. Not from anywhere else in the world!

A response to all the youth fests, youth galas, youth carnivals in Pakistan!

Hajrah. :)


Comments on: "Youth of Today!" (23)

  1. This HAS to be read on the next YC event insha Allah!


  2. THIS IS AMAAAAAAAAZING. MashAllah! La hawla wala quwwata illa billaaah! BarakAllah feek!
    And yes, publish this article man. I’ll forward this to Nadeem bhai. :D :D


  3. Reblogged this on iLookiListen and commented:
    This is one awesomely-written post by a friend. MashaAllah. <3


  4. Oh and this theme is nicer. :)


  5. JazakAllau khair sis


  6. qazi basharat ahammad shanthu said:

    jazakulahi kheir


  7. marieeeam said:

    MashaAllah! LOVE! i can totally understand how you feel, ukhti!


  8. MAshallah:) nice work!! its amazing!


  9. What’s the YC event? details please.


  10. mashaAllah you spoke my heart out!!! but a hundred times better! :)


  11. Allahumma baarik! :)


  12. would you mind me sharing this in my college mag? I’d make sure you get the well deserved credits and i’ll post up a link to your blog too inshaAllah!. would that be fine with you? :)


  13. Kamran Abdullah Murad said:

    السلام ونيس واحد، وبارك الله فيك أختي.


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