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Greater than Mountains?!


I went upstairs on the terrace just before Maghrib, after a long time. There was a storm up there. And it was drizzling. As I walked and gazed in wonder at the big dark grey mountains around me, enveloped with black clouds, and turning a scary pink with lightning every now and again, at the tall trees flapping like clothes in the wind, and felt the wind that was invisible and weightless yet so strong that it could blow away everything with it; I felt myself a tiny minute particle on this earth. What am I in front of those tall trees, those huge mountains, the high and wide sky, those black massive clouds, those strong gushes of wind? Nothing! Nothing! I felt smaller than an ant.

And yet if Quran was revealed on these mountains, they would have broken to pieces out of fear. Why? Because Quran is the Word of Allah. Allahu Akbar!


How can they believe there is no God? How can we still be disobedient to Him?

He is Lord of these mountains, of lightning and thunder too. And I; a particle indeed!

P.S. Do hook off cyber space occasionally and go out to feel the greatness of your Lord. Specially during a storm. You’ll know how helpless you are.

P.S. 2. Later I found, a plane crashed in this very storm. Could anyone have stopped it?
Do I still DARE disobey Him? :(



P.S. 3. I tried to capture the storm but the human-made-eye couldn’t do it as well as the God-made-one.


Comments on: "Greater than Mountains?!" (7)

  1. I liked the previous look of the blog better. :P


  2. Great post, thank you for sharing! :D


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  4. Your Brother said:

    I have read your work, this one is the best one. Alhumdolilah.. better then rest all for me.. It explicitly reflects the intensity of mind, and emotions.. – — — I feel like sharing two verses,.. just keep on writing, and inshallah u`d massively improve..

    ” Are your more difficult to create or the heavens above ? ” ( Surah Nisiyat ayah 27)

    & also, ” Surah Ghafir ch. 40 verse 57 ” The Creation of the heaven and the earth is greater then the creation of men. Yet most men understand not ” ..

    despite being their creation greater than us.. lets re-think from this paradigm .. And yet if Quran was revealed on these mountains, they would have broken to pieces out of fear. Why? Because Quran is the Word of Allah !


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