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Secrets Of Salah – 41


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An example of the first is that of a slave who enters the King’s palace but there is a veil or screen between him and the King. Therefore, he is unable to taste the bliss of actually beholding the King. He is caged or confined within his suffocating desires and the fever of his vain hopes and worldly preoccupations. His heart is distracted and he finds salat a burden and a nuisance. He finds neither rest nor repose until he thankfully emerges from it and returns to his beloved dunya.

The second category is the example of a man who enters the King’s palace and the veils between him and the King are lifted. He tastes the exquisite ecstasy of actually beholding the King and standing before Him in His service and obedience. The King brings him near to himself and showers him with kindness and tenderness. He can hardly bear to part from the King, and to part with the ecstasy of being  honored by the King, and His attention and His speech. He is in this awesome position enfolded by Allah’s Love and tenderness in all directions, and his heart bows before his Lord in adoration. Thus, his soul finds repose as his body and soul bow before Allah in reverence. He is in the seventh heaven of delight worshipping Allah as though he could see Him, and Allah has manifested Himself to His slave in His words.

So what could be more unbearable than tearing himself away from such intimacy with Allah?

And all this is but a tiny drop in the vast, boundless ocean of bliss to be found in salaat, and merely a glimpse into the mysteries of salaat, and a glimmering of its effulgence.

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  1. Continue your good work, sister.
    Barakallahu Feeki.


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